Why Baby Steps Are a Must In Every Fitness Journey

Building habits in your daily life can make ALL the difference. And, why is that? Well, mastering basic exercise is a great way to build confidence and joy. Start small — even if you may not want to.

How to Get Longer, Thicker Eyelashes

Want longer, thicker eyelashes without having to use mascara? Have you tried every trick in the book — but nothing seems to work? I have some good news for you. Check out these healthy, safe tips for longer, thicker eyelashes without damaging them…

10 pilates moves to sculpt your core

These 10 pilates moves are a great way to sculpt your core — and strengthening your core is one of the best things you can do for your body and your overall fitness health. Challenge yourself with these 10 moves and feel your core strengthen along the way!

8 Yoga Moves to Do at Home (Even With Kids!)

I have 8 yoga poses that are easy to complete at home, on your own time. These poses are great for multiple reasons: stretching your body, toning your arms, strengthening your muscles, etc.

Why You Need the Correct Mindset BEFORE You Implement a Social Media Strategy

You want your content to be fresh and exciting and to increase engagement with your followers and potential customers. Increased engagement can mean increased business, and this is why having a social media strategy is important. But, you must first shift your mindset before coming up with a social media strategy. That means, you need to really understand the potential impacts social media could have on you and your business.

Can Your Diet Get Rid of Cellulite?

Even though cellulite is not a flaw, some women still want to try their best to get rid of cellulite through diets or making changes in the way they live their lives. They wonder if making those lifestyle changes will help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Being An Introvert In An Extrovert World (Fitness)

Going to the gym can be a vulnerable experience for someone who considers themselves an introvert. The idea of working out in front of other people can be scary and nerve wracking. BUT, if you have goals, things you want to accomplish physically with your workouts and your fitness journey, and you got that gym […]

Building a Fitness Brand From the Ground Up

You’re a fitness entrepreneur–fitness is your absolute passion and you want to share that passion with others. You want to build your own fitness brand from the ground up. You’re pondering the question, “How do I build a fitness brand of my own?” and with that question alone, you’re one step ahead of the game.