May 16, 2022

Why You Need the Correct Mindset BEFORE You Implement a Social Media Strategy

Why You Need the Correct Mindset BEFORE You Implement a Social Media Strategy

Social media is a key aspect of business, today more than it has ever been before.

With loads of information, products, and profiles so easily accessed with just a few taps of our fingertips — making sure your business has a curated online presence is essential.

You want to make sure your business pops up in those searches.
You want people to stumble upon your accounts and follow you.
You want to be reachable.
And you can do this with social media.

You want your content to be fresh and exciting and to increase engagement with your followers and potential customers. Increased engagement can mean increased business, and this is why having a social media strategy is important.

But, you must first shift your mindset before coming up with a social media strategy. That means, you need to really understand the potential impacts social media could have on you and your business.

It all starts with your mindset.

Mindset is important because it sets the tone. If you’re getting ready to come up with a social media strategy, but you are questioning the importance of the accounts, or you feel as though you don’t have enough time or energy to run them —it will show in your online presence. You’ll start to believe that way of thinking and you won’t feel energized when it comes to your social media accounts.

You must realize the importance of social media and your business. Having outlined goals is essential to success. If you jump in blindly, people will notice. You could potentially be creating more feelings of stress if you don’t have a strategy to closely follow with your social media presence.

A mindset shift to really take into consideration is to understand that social media should be a priority. It is such a great tool to have for your business. Whether you have to teach yourself the ins and outs of social media, or you have to outsource — make sure that your social media is a priority.

If you’re not using social media, you could be missing a huge chunk of potential customers and potential growth for your business. As a business owner — you always want to get as much exposure as possible, and by having a social media presence, you’re getting that extra exposure. Shift your mindset to believing that social media is essential — because it is. The sooner you do so, the sooner you will begin to feel energized about creating your social media strategy.

A few things to take into consideration after you’ve shifted your mindset and have started to come up with a social media strategy are:

  • Make sure your online presence is frequent. You don’t want to be an account that only posts once every couple of months. This can reflect badly on your business, and show signs of inconsistency.
  • Switch up the content when you DO post. Don’t repost the same graphic over and over and over. Look for variety in your posts, get creative, and come up with fun content to share with your followers. The more unique or funny, the better. Think about what YOU’D like to see from a business you follow. Always keep your followers in mind.
  • Make sure the content you do post is of good quality. Don’t post blurry pictures or have captions with questionable grammar and word choices — this can lessen your credibility online and as a business. Make sure your posts are of good quality and have great potential to be engaging.
  • This isn’t as common as it used to be, but I strongly advise you to not buy followers just to make the number go up on your follower count. It’s not worth it. Use that money and put it towards different goals outlined in your social media strategy!
  • Promote your accounts as much as possible. Your loyal customers may not know you have social media accounts, so be sure to remind them or let them know whenever you can.

Overall, shifting your mindset to prioritizing social media will only help your business in the long run. It may be hard work at first, but the end goal will be worth it!

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