December 27, 2022

The Best Apps To Keep You And Your Business Organized

The Best Apps To Keep You And Your Business Organized

Thank goodness for the 21st century! Can you imagine trying to run a business without all of the tools that we have at our fingertips today?


It’s like when people used to have to write papers or a thesis by physically going to a library and sorting through books. Oh what the wonders of the internet has done for students everywhere!


We are lucky to have advanced technology. 


So you may be asking — what apps should I be checking out? Let’s take a look at some of the best and most useful options for business owners to take advantage of right now. 


For Communication      

You’ve got to be able to connect with your team — especially in today’s time where everything is digitalized and many people are working remotely. So here are some recommendations for the best platforms to say hi online! 




Slack is like the mothership that all other spaceships use as home base. There’s many different ways to communicate…


  • One-on-one chats
  • Group Chats
  • Labeled Channels 
  • Direct Messages
  • Mentions
  • Voice Notes
  • Video Notes
  • Call Directly 
  • Pin Conversations


They’ve got all the ways to chat covered!


Microsoft Teams


Another really wonderful app to keep communication flowing is Microsoft Teams. It’s basically the OG of chat platforms for businesses. 


  • Have real time conversations
  • Host Meetings 
  • Share Files
  • Write Notes
  • Call and Chat 
  • Host Webinars 


Microsoft is all about ease of use and “team” collaboration all on one secure platform. 




Basecamp is all about making it easy for everyone to connect. 

  • Planning
  • Collaboration
  • File Sharing
  • Chats
  • Check-in’s 
  • Team notes and memos 


There’s a handy search bar that lets you jump right into projects with your teammates as well. 


Talk about digital togetherness! 


For Project Management     

Projects can get… messy. But good thing there are apps out there that can help streamline your processes and make things super easy to understand. 




Who likes lists?! If you feel a sense of satisfaction by checking off boxes, then this is the app for you!


  • Visual tools
  • Reminders and due dates
  • Attachment options 
  • Boards
  • Lists 
  • Cards
  • Project assignment


You’ll be able to cross things off in a super effective way. 




If your business has a mix of projects that are on the more complex side of things, this is a great way to break things down for your whole team.


  • Integration tools
  • Product launches
  • Individual and group tasks
  • Tasks within tasks
  • Planning tools
  • Detailed tracking
  • Project progress 


Don’t miss a beat within all the details. 




This one is great for businesses that have different departments with different concentrations. Clickup breaks things down into sections, but brings it back together for the end goal. 


  • Plan
  • Collaborate
  • Track
  • Create Campaigns
  • Streamline workflow
  • Project assignment
  • Tasks and subtasks


Businesses are like bodies — all different functions come together to keep us running. Clickup works the same way, separate tasks for full functionality. 


For Payments   

Show me the money! 


If you are an ecommerce store or even brick and mortar — you’re going to need a trustworthy platform for receiving payments. Revenue matters!




  • Credit or debit payments
  • Mobile wallet payments
  • Variety of currency payments
  • Buy now pay later services
  • POS systems for in-person sales 




  • Payroll
  • POS systems
  • Online Baking
  • Online payments
  • In-person payments




  • Send money
  • Receive money 
  • Online payments
  • In person payments
  • Bill splitting 
  • QR Codes
  • Easy banking links 


Each has their benefits depending on what kind of sales you are doing and how you like to manage your funds. You can break it down based on your business needs. 


For Tracking  

If you don’t think that Kim Kardashian keeps an eye on what is working for her image and brand, then think again! Same goes for businesses — you need to utilize the right tools to keep up with what’s happening around you for the growth of your business. 




A super great platform for all things social media. I’m talking about next level tracking all in one spot. 


  • Ad campaigns
  • Content Management 
  • Scheduling and Publishing 
  • Analytics 
  • Plug-ins 


Leave the tech stuff up to the app while you do the fun part of content creation for your business. 




This one’s for anyone who has ever forgotten a password and almost tossed your computer across the room in frustration after getting an ERROR message three times in a row. 


LastPass keeps tabs on those millions of passwords you have for personal and professional use. 


Thank goodness for this! Finally something where we don’t have to sit and wonder if we added an exclamation point or a hashtag at the end of our password. 


Plus it’s super safe, like a treasure vault! So you don’t have to worry about someone finding your sticky notes. 




For anyone who has to manage inventory — this is a dream! Ditch the paper and pen checklist and make things so much easier with this handy little app. 


  • Automate inventory 
  • Organize products
  • Real-time reporting
  • Sync information 
  • Team sharing 


MUCH better than trying to manage all your goods by yourself. 


Get Downloading!   

Some things to keep in mind when looking for the next best apps for your business…


➜ Type of business

➜ Size of your business

➜ Number of employees

➜ Amount of projects 

➜ Online vs in person sales

➜ Type of inventory 


Success is always possible — but it’s nice to have assistance in keeping things running as smooth as it can go!


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