June 10, 2022

Why Baby Steps Are a Must In Every Fitness Journey

Why Baby Steps Are a Must In Every Fitness Journey

Building habits in your daily life can make ALL the difference.

And, why is that?

Well, mastering basic exercise is a great way to build confidence and joy. Start small — even if you may not want to.

If you put too much on your fitness plate at the very beginning, you may feel less motivated and defeated. When you start small, you eliminate the possibility of getting in your own way.

Make your workouts accessible and your fitness goals more attainable.

Then, over time, build up your strength and knowledge.

Maybe you want to run a marathon. You’ve signed up — but you’ve never ran a marathon in your life. You wouldn’t just jump in blindly, would you?


You’d start training and building up momentum over time. You’d make sure your mind and body are ready to run this thing. Then, when the time comes for the marathon, you’re ready. Because you trained for months. You’ve built your strength..

What did you do to get there? — Baby steps!

It’s important to take time when it comes to fitness. When you take baby steps, you’re setting yourself up for success instead of failure.

The most common problem is feeling like you’re not accomplishing anything because you’re starting off slow.

Maybe you think push-ups, squats, or planks aren't enough to get you where you want to be. So, you start somewhere harder — somewhere you’re not ready for.

And now you’re frustrated or less motivated because of how difficult it is — or worse — you get injured.

Form is much more important than intensity. Build knowledge over time and really teach yourself the proper ways to move, stretch, and use equipment. Without these things, you could be subjecting yourself to a possible injury (no one wants that)!

This is why taking those baby steps will get you exactly where you want to be.

Make your goals attainable. Make them realistic. There is ZERO shame in starting small — at least you’re starting (that’s half the battle).

Be proud. You’re building strength — you’re learning. You’re doing it at your pace.

Focus on how you feel after each workout. Focus on your happiness. Remember your accomplishments. Notice how your workouts feel each week — are they getting easier?

That’s when you realize your baby steps have finally paid off and you can move on to the next step in working out — whatever that may be for you.

Don’t look down on baby steps. They’re essential in getting you where you want to be in your fitness journey. Take the time to educate yourself. Make sure you’re following good nutrition and drinking enough water. And as always, stay motivated!

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