Welcome To The Project

The Project includes:

  • 6 week private Facebook group
  • 5 group Zoom calls (live and recorded)
  • 6 week personal mentorship (very hands on)
  • Instructor teaching tips & tricks from the PRO’s!
  • Guaranteed increased confidence
  • Plus mentorship in our Project graduates group for ongoing training, support and hands on breakdown of new rounds

You also have the option to Become a Project VIP…!!

Here are the additional VIP benefits…

  • All of the benefits of above PLUS…
  • 2 One on one calls
  • 2 extra video reviews
  • Private VIP FB Group with Live Panel Discussions and 2 Additional VIP Zoom Calls
  • A few other bonuses ….. I love sending gifts:)

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The most important project you will ever work on is you…

The Project was a gift I gave to myself. I wanted to take PiYo and my teaching to a new level, this was perfect. My favorite parts were learning to cue and hearing the music better. Michele Park and her hand selected team not only led me to be a better instructor, they encouraged me every step of the way. After The Project, my confidence is learning the new rounds grew, I learned how to use social media more effectively and I just enjoy it more. There is no doubt that The Project enhanced my confidence, in fact, I look forward to doing it again.

-Heather Hellberg

I had only been teaching PiYo for a few months when I decided to join the Project and I am so glad I did. Knowing that I was getting real, personal feedback and advice from the best of the best was amazing! My confidence as an instructor improved dramatically, and I went from teaching one PiYo class per week to teaching 4 classes per week in 3 different facilities, all because I felt empowered enough to put myself out there after the Project!! Because of the relationships built during the Project my confidence, and my classes, continue to grow!!

-Meredith Elder

The Project helped me grow- personally and as an instructor. Amazing feedback, amazing support and group interactions, as well as strong support AFTER the Project. I was worried I wasn’t good enough for extra training, but applied anyway. I wouldn’t change that decision for the world! I was growing a deep passion for instructing and The Project sounded like exactly what I needed. The minute it started I Knew I was right!

-Amanda Brelage

The PiYo Project was a game changer for me! I was exposed to so much information that really made a difference in my fitness instructing – musicality, cueing, and branding are just a few examples. The most valuable thing I gained from this experience is the amazing people I met and Format Expert Michele Park is a gorgeous person inside and out! I am so glad I said “yes” to the Project!

Michele you are truly an amazing and generous person. You do much for us! I really appreciate all the extra videos, tips, and tricks you give to us – not to mention your live classes!! And one day (hopefully soon lol) when I make the trip from Texas to California I am going to get to say this to you face to face with a big hug! After I take one of your classes, of course, Hugs & smooches from Dallas!

-Marlena Robinson

” Participation in The Project enriched my life and improved my skills as an instructor in countless ways. It was, without a doubt, the BEST investment I have ever made in myself. The experience helped me grow as an instructor and I became confident that I can deliver an excellent experience for my classes. Michele and her team are extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and accessible. They see to it that you have the tools and knowledge to succeed. ”

I could honestly say so much more but I’m TRYING to keep it brief, like you asked. YOU are the bomb dot com & I am fortunate to have you as a mentor. You have touched more lives than you’ll ever know by being who you are and doing what you do.


Nicole Printon

The Project is a life changer! I was struggling and terrified of teaching PiYo before joining Michele’s amazing group and used to sweat before even starting to teach a class. Her support and detailed instruction have helped me learn new rounds almost instantly, walk into a room and teach with confidence, and grow my classes! Everyone needs this if they are serious about teaching the format.

-Rosa Barron