August 6, 2018

THE PROJECT – Good 2 Great

THE PROJECT – Good 2 Great

What a fun week we had in the Project! For those of you who don’t know what the project is, it’s a six-week online instructor development course. We teach you everything from the basics of musicality and queuing to more advanced skills like the quality of movement with music and how to go from good to great. We also have a full week on social media training. We run these groups just four times a year, so if by any chance you’re interested, just click here to get on the waitlist.

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This was the last week and it was mine – I took over the group. We talked about all the things you could do to become a great instructor. How to take your teaching to the next level, how to continually develop community, and just how to be you.

It’s always bittersweet wrapping up these trainings. The women in the group give so much. They allow themselves to be vulnerable, they allow themselves to be coached. And they’re open for change. I’m CRAZY proud of all of them.


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