February 2, 2020

Some Better Sports Bras for Women Over 50

Some Better Sports Bras for Women Over 50

Bras are kind of a…PERSONAL thing, aren't they? But if we don't talk to our sistas about these things, we all just end up ignorant. This is especially true for both sports bras and bras for us more mature ladies…HEHEHE. So today I'm answering the question: What are the best sports bras for women over 50?

sports bras for women over 50

Since apparently nobody is gonna educate us all on this, I decided I'm going to!

These tips on bra shopping for sports bras are still great tips for younger women, especially big-chested women.

As you probably already know, menopause can reduce the fullness and change the shape of your breasts, not only making it harder to find a fitting sports bra but harder to have the same confidence you used to. So how do you get a bra that will lift and support in order to "round out" your wardrobe??

I recommend getting a bra with SIDE SUPPORT PANELS.

What the heck does that mean? Well, it's different from underwire, even though both things are for support. Basically, these "panels" are a combination of:

A) "wings" on the cups, on the side nearer to your armpits, that will help push the gals forward and also fit snugly to breast tissue so you don't have to worry about spilling out the side;

B) sectioned cups, meaning they are divided into three sections vertically. This is also helpful to ladies who are side-heavy or don't think they're round enough.

I also think that sports bras for women over 50 need THICKER STRAPS.

The reason for this probably goes without saying, so I'll instead say that if you bounce around in your bra a lot it's actually quite dangerous. LOL. I'm not just talking about sagging here. I'm saying that if you bounce too much it can actually cause damage to your chest ligaments. Ouch! In fact, if you're not in the market for buying a new bra right now, consider the old trick of layering 2 sports bras. Not the most comfortable thing in the world, but definitely better than hurting your chest ligaments!

And along those lines, a racerback bra is a great option because this thicker back design helps the straps lift up even more. It's also nice if you're that gal who always has trouble with her bra straps slipping no matter where she adjusts them to…with a racerback style, you avoid that problem!

(I'm also aware that most sports bras for women over 50 are in the racerback style anyway, but I wanted to emphasize how great the racerback style is for support for both sports bras AND for everyday wear.)

Oh yeah, and one last thing: you don't HAVE to get an underwire bra. I know how uncomfortable they are, and there are plenty of wireless sports bras for women over 50. Try some wireless cups, especially ones with patented cup technologies…and chances are that the other features I mentioned like the side panels, racerback, and gentle compression are enough to make up for no wires. Go wireless!!

If you still aren't sure here are some great recommendations " 7 Most Comfortable Sports Bras for Women Over 50 " . I have to tell you… The Shefit Bras look amazing for those that need that extra support, and no there are no wires in them.

If any of you have any recommendations too, I'd love for you to hear your recommendations.

And now you're ready to get your PiYo game on…No bounce, no pain!


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