Piyo is a game changer.... 

Don't be fooled by the name ..it is not Pilates and Yoga smooshed (yep that's a word) together! It is a strength training, body sculpting cardio vascular working ...life changer!

Piyo is not just a fitness program it is an experience. When you realize how absolutely amazing you feel during and after a PiYo workout you will be hooked. It's not just physical... it makes you dig deep mentally as well.

So many workouts leave you feeling exhausted by the end. Piyo lifts you up! Piyo delivers amazing fat burning results in a non impact environment. It gives you the muscle sculpting benefits of Pilates and the strength and flexibility benefits of yoga.

But it does not stop there... Piyo makes you strong on the inside. LOL... I know the inside might not seem that important but trust me! You'll walk taller, look leaner, move easier and honesty ...just feel like a bad ass! 

Did I forget to mention PiYo is music driven and When music and movement are in sync magic happens. Your body craves it! 

Realizing the strength you have without any extra equipment is POWERFUL! All you need is your body a mat (maybe) and a willingness to change! 

What are you waiting for! I'll meet you on the MAT.

Join Michele in her next PiYo Challenge Group!

I run Challenge Groups once per month, just use the link below to order your pack and then drop me a message [email protected] and I'll help get you in to the next group.