Why it’s Important to Teach Your Children to be Independent

August 5, 2018/Uncategorized

So…I wouldn’t really say my youngest daughter is a hair snob, but she does appreciate a nice haircutand highlights every once in a while, and she knows what’s good and what’s bad. We have a GREAT stylist that she’s seen locally in the past, but she’s away at school and very independent and she wanted to get her hair done by her self in a cost-effective way, which I totally appreciate. So she went to a local beauty college – you know the ones…where the stylists are still learning. Now, in hindsight I probably should’ve told her: Hey, just go there for a haircut and get your hair colored by somebody that knows what they’re doing…but hindsight is always 20/20, right? She ended up spending six hours at the beauty college and her thought of a beautiful ombre style for her brunette hair turned out to be a disaster. Orange patches, no rhyme or reason, and kinda a hot mess. She called me in tears and she doesn’t really cry.

Did I mention she has beautiful brunette hair? Did I also mention that she’s very low maintenance not a lot of things upset her.Time to call the expert! Which just so happens to be my friend and Project graduate, Piyo-Instructor, Allison Poullis. What a LIFE-SAVER, or hair saver! LOL! She saw her the next day for six hours and transformed what was a disaster into work of art. I know what you might be thinking – it’s just hair, but listen gentlemen…LOL. Because I know the ladies aren’t thinking this – hair is important and especially when you’re 19-year-old girl. There are two things that I appreciated out of this. Number one – the independence of my daughter doing things on her own trying to save a little bit of money. Number two: my friend Allison. She stepped up and she went out of her way to help my girl. As you can see, color correction is her jam – she’s really good at it!! So if you are ever up in the Santa Barbara area, make sure to connect with her!

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  • Jessica Ubel / August 6, 2018 / Reply

    Oh my gosh! I learned my lesson the hard way! It’s sooooooo beautiful now though. Seriously, perfect!! ❤️😘

  • Robin H Robinson / August 6, 2018 / Reply

    I was a student of cosmetology ot of high school. We ruined each others hair so many times. My frosting ( now called highlights) was done back then by pulling hair through a cap with a smalk crochet hook. I am naturally redish brown. After , I looked like a giant head of spaghetti. Not knowing all the color tricks yet , i tried to cover it and it turned green. So then I looked like a leprechaun. I had it cut down to a pixie cut. Major disaster! But i survived.

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