August 5, 2018

Why it’s Important to Teach Your Children to be Independent

Why it’s Important to Teach Your Children to be Independent

So…I wouldn’t really say my youngest daughter is a hair snob, but she does appreciate a nice haircutand highlights every once in a while, and she knows what’s good and what’s bad. We have a GREAT stylist that she’s seen locally in the past, but she’s away at school and very independent and she wanted to get her hair done by her self in a cost-effective way, which I totally appreciate. So she went to a local beauty college – you know the ones…where the stylists are still learning. Now, in hindsight I probably should’ve told her: Hey, just go there for a haircut and get your hair colored by somebody that knows what they’re doing…but hindsight is always 20/20, right? She ended up spending six hours at the beauty college and her thought of a beautiful ombre style for her brunette hair turned out to be a disaster. Orange patches, no rhyme or reason, and kinda a hot mess. She called me in tears and she doesn’t really cry.

Did I mention she has beautiful brunette hair? Did I also mention that she’s very low maintenance not a lot of things upset her.Time to call the expert! Which just so happens to be my friend and Project graduate, Piyo-Instructor, Allison Poullis. What a LIFE-SAVER, or hair saver! LOL! She saw her the next day for six hours and transformed what was a disaster into work of art. I know what you might be thinking – it’s just hair, but listen gentlemen…LOL. Because I know the ladies aren’t thinking this – hair is important and especially when you’re 19-year-old girl. There are two things that I appreciated out of this. Number one – the independence of my daughter doing things on her own trying to save a little bit of money. Number two: my friend Allison. She stepped up and she went out of her way to help my girl. As you can see, color correction is her jam – she’s really good at it!! So if you are ever up in the Santa Barbara area, make sure to connect with her!

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