February 12, 2019

Why EVERYONE Should Have a Tracker Water Bottle

Why EVERYONE Should Have a Tracker Water Bottle

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, so get ready to DRINK!!…Water. 😉 Because your tracker water bottle is telling you it’s time to drink more.

So I don’t think it’s a big secret to anyone that drinking enough water is super, super good for you. I mean, it makes sense, because humans are about 60% water (as opposed to the “90%” you’ve probably heard before, but still, 60%, that’s a lot!)

And if you REALLY want to hit it (or you could say “hit the bottle”…OK I’ll stop with the drinking

puns), try a SMART tracker water bottle.

“Smart water bottle?” you say. “That sounds cool…and EXPENSIVE.”

Well, you’re right on both points (if that’s what you were thinking 😉 ), so today I want to talk about the whole concept of a smart tracker water bottle, and also tell you about a less expensive alternative that I personally think is better!

The Features

So yeah, smart bottles are usually $150 – $200. What FEATURES do they have to justify the price tag?

Cool Feature #1 is, you can sync your info with the Apple Health / Fitbit apps, so that those apps can be even more of a one-stop-shop for your health accountability!

I know I personally gave up logging in water intake MANUALLY on those apps, because it was just so annoying to mess with that every day.

Cool Feature #2 is what I’ll call “bells and whistles”! Another smart water bottle, the “Hidrate Spark,” actually lights up and glows to remind you to drink water! And the Hydra TechBottle has a Bluetooth speaker on it!! What the heck, right?

OK, so maybe that kind of stuff isn’t worth $200 to you, but it is kinda neat…

The Alternative

So what if you’re not into the new “smart” buzzword, and feeling like drinking water has to be all high-tech? And what if you’re not into shelling out the $$ for a light-up bottle that you have to remember to plug into the wall each night?

Well, I’ve been using a tracker water bottle “system” that may not be “smart” in the way that techies mean “smart”…But it’s definitely been the smartest choice for me!

I drink 3 reusable bottles a day. They have gorgeous galaxy sky designs, so you know there’s one for morning, one for afternoon, and one for night.

This is The ONE3ONE Hydration System and you can check it out here!

I’ve found that the designs really help me stay on track because VISUALLY I’m reminded, “Oh no, better hurry up” if it’s afternoon and I haven’t finished my morning bottle yet.

It’s just the simple little mind tricks like that that help you reach that daily water GOAL, I think. The fact that there’s 3 bottles (25 oz each) helps me visualize, too. I can set one down next to each meal, every day, that corresponds to the time of day…and something about that is so much more EFFECTIVE than only using ONE bottle and having to refill it 3x a day. Even if it does light up to remind you to refill…Having these 3 galaxy-color bottles for morning, noon and night is what ACTUALLY pushed me to drink enough water every day.

After all, it’s easiest to achieve your goals when you have a clear SYSTEM to follow, right?

What’s truly “smart” is figuring out a system that works for you, whether it’s high-tech or not!!


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