April 2, 2021

Why Authenticity Will Always Slay It On Instagram (and any social media)

Why Authenticity Will Always Slay It On Instagram (and any social media)

Having a social media presence for your business is non-negotiable. There is no better way to get your brand out there and gain customers than through social media- it’s just a fact. When building your business’s social media presence, your gut instinct will probably be to only post polished and perfect images for people to see. After all, you want to put your best foot forward, right? The truth is, if you want to gain followers and attract clients, showing your true self, flaws and all is the way to go.

Why Authenticity Will Always Slay It On Instagram (and any social media)

It might sound counterintuitive, but showing your audience your imperfections will only make them love you more. Keep reading to learn why authenticity will always slay it on Instagram (and any social media).

Why Authenticity Is Essential

It Makes You Approachable

When people sense that you are being your genuine self on social media they will feel comfortable coming to you with questions or to start a conversation. Your authenticity creates an environment that is open and welcoming for people to come to you.

Being real on social media doesn’t just apply to the good and happy times, though. When you show the hard parts of your life to your audience it opens the door for them to say “me too.”

It Builds Trust

If you want your audience to trust you (which you should), being authentic is the best way to achieve this. Whether you’re on social media just for fun or you’re trying to build your brand, being transparent with your audience will show them that they can trust you.

Your audience consists of real people who can recognize other real people. People on social media can smell phoniness a mile away. When you’re inauthentic and try to be someone that you are not it will turn people away. It is super obvious to people when you’re just promoting a brand or product to make money.

Why Authenticity Will Always Slay It On Instagram (and any social media)

It Builds Community

Just like trustworthiness, humans crave community. Showing your true self to your audience will help create and cultivate a community that will encourage you and your audience to grow.

To build such a community, you must first be willing to show every side of yourself- flaws and all!

How To Be Authentic On Social Media

Keep Posts Genuine

Every post on Instagram, or any social media platform, should come from a place of authenticity. If you’re happy and excited about a recent achievement, share it with your followers. If you’re struggling with something, show that too!

Keeping every post on your social media genuine will show your followers that you are human too. It will make you relatable and approachable. This makes people want to connect with you and be part of your community.

Why Authenticity Will Always Slay It On Instagram (and any social media)

Ignore Metrics & Post What You Want To Post

If you’re trying to build your brand and business online, it’s so easy to obsess over your metrics and analytics and let them guide what you post. Don’t fall into that trap! It comes across as phony and people will not be attracted to your posts.

Instead, choose content that will connect with and impact people in a meaningful way. When your posts focus on connection and authenticity you will attract the right people and the numbers will follow.

Have Consistent And Genuine Engagement

You can’t just post something and never look at it again. Showing authenticity includes your engagement with your followers.

Do NOT use engagement as a way to sell products or services (such a turn-off!). Respond to comments and questions on your posts. Reach out to people to establish a connection. It is NOT a megaphone – do not try to hard-sell via social media. Genuinely engaging and having real conversations will help you slay your social media game.

Why Authenticity Will Always Slay It On Instagram (and any social media)

Quit Trying To Be Perfect

How do you feel when you see a profile full of perfectly posed and edited selfies that make the person look like a model? I don’t know about you, but I definitely cannot relate to someone like that. While photos like that are beautiful, they often deter potential clients because they come across as unrelatable and unapproachable.

Being truly authentic on social media will probably feel uncomfortable at first. You have to be vulnerable and put yourself out there and that is scary but also super rewarding!


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