May 26, 2020

Waxing vs. Sugaring (Which is Right for You?)

Waxing vs. Sugaring (Which is Right for You?)

Hearing me talk about "waxing vs. sugaring," you might think I'm talking about baking! But no – I'm actually talking about body hair removal. Got your interest?

waxing vs. sugaring

First off, you may not be interested in either waxing or sugaring if you're already perfectly content SHAVING.

What's the difference between shaving and waxing, typically? Well, shaving your hair, you probably know, doesn't pull it out at the root. So results only last a few days, as opposed to a few weeks with waxing. Plus, shaving hair gives the appearance that it's growing back thicker and darker while it's returning. (Don't worry, it isn't actually growing back thicker and darker!! It's just, the base of a hair is thicker and darker than the rest.)

If only there was a solution that made hair not only grow back in thinner-looking…but a solution that also encouraged it to grow LESS next time!

That's waxing.

Overall, if you want less hair there — even though waxing is more painful and intensive — it's the way to go and more effective than shaving.

Okay, now that we're all caught up there…

What about when it comes to waxing vs. sugaring? And what IS sugaring?

Well, actually, sugaring is pretty similar to waxing, because you combine lemon juice and sugar, and it forms a hardened, wax-like paste. You rip that off after it solidifies. One key difference, though, is that sugaring wax isn't heated like regular wax.

Here's the MOST important difference, though:

As opposed to traditional waxing (where you apply wax in the same direction your hair grows, and then rip it off in the opposite direction your hair grows), sugaring is the exact opposite.

You apply the sugar wax in the opposite direction of your hair growth, and then rip off the strips in the SAME direction of your hair growth.

You may be thinking, "Michele, this is interesting and all, but how do I know which method, waxing vs. sugaring, is better?"

Well, I know if it were me, I would rather be ripping in the direction of my hair growth. In my experience at least, it definitely hurts less, and most others seem to agree!!

So, I can't really think of any reasons why someone would want to go with traditional wax versus the sugaring method. I guess it's possible that if you have really thick, coarse hair, then hot wax and painful pulling is the only way to reliably get rid of it.

But sugaring is still very effective, and lasts just as long as waxing (i.e., way longer than shaving)!

Sugaring vs. waxing…which wins in your book? Or do you prefer shaving? Or, letting hair grow au naturel? Vote below in the comments!


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