August 26, 2022

Want To Build A Crazy Cool Fitness Community? Start With These Tips!

Want To Build A Crazy Cool Fitness Community? Start With These Tips!

Life has its ups and downs — we call them squats.

Let’s talk about that hustle for the muscle. Don’t you feel just a bit more motivated when other people are after the same goals? There’s nothing quite like a gym buddy to hold you accountable. Even better if there’s a whole group that you get to lead!

But it’s kind of awkward to walk up to random people on the street and ask if they want to train with you. So, we’re here to talk about the best ways to build a solid group of go-getters like yourself that want the motivation of a fitness community to share their journeys with. Virtually or in person!

Have A Plan

Would you jump off a diving board into a pool with only an inch of water?

I didn’t think so.

It’s the same with the fitness world. It’s huge. Jumping in head first would be a bad idea.

Here are some thoughts to consider as you bring your ideas to life:

What are your areas of focus?

  • Yoga? Zumba? Kickboxing? It’s best to stick to one or just a couple of ideas to make sure you’re giving people a solid, personalized experience.

What kind of people do you want to attract?

  • This goes hand in hand with your area of focus. Having an idea of what kind of fitness plans you want to put in place will help you better understand the groups of people that you’ll be presenting your ideas to.

Who’s your competition?

  • It’s likely you’re not going to be the only one in your specialized area of interest. Do a little healthy research to scope out the landscape.

What’s going to make you stand out?

  • Again, you won’t be the only one to be doing what you’re doing. So think of ways to make yourself stand out. Think of something that is meaningful to you that would be an interesting way to grab attention.

How are you going to stay relevant?

  • Don’t fall into the trap of regular old, boring fitness routines. Dedicate yourself to continuous learning and open communication with your community.

What’s your long-term plan?

  • Do you want this to stay local? Or do you want to be the next face of fitness? Having an idea of future goals is always helpful in making decisions.

Build It Up

You’ve got your business plan in place. Wonderful.

So how do I get people interested?

Network, Network, Network! This will involve lots of in-person conversations as well as online interactions. Don’t be shy! Reach out to your friend's neighbor's uncle. Hand out business cards. Join online groups. Shout it from the rooftops! … Well, maybe not that. But there are lots of ways to get people interested.

Maybe a friend of yours is great at strength training where you specialize in cardio. Partner up! This would also expand your reach.

Explore the best options for the community you want to build.

Bring On Leaders

Have you ever watched a flock of birds when they travel? There’s always one bird at the front leading the crew > But they always switch to make sure each bird has a break from the stress of guiding the rest of them.

Every community needs good leaders. Ideas need to be put into action and that will take planning from people with similar goals in mind. You don’t have to do it alone. In fact — I encourage you not to.

Bouncing ideas off others is a great way to make sure that you come up with a solid plan and understand what people are looking for in their goals.

More Than Fitness

We’re going to get a little deep for a minute.

Fitness can be a powerful tool to mental health. Not only is the physical aspect good for the brain, but having a support system can mean the difference in getting up in the morning. We’ve all heard stories about how fitness has changed someone's life. Heck — maybe you share that same story! And having that community to push you forward is what made it all possible.

Understand the difference you could be making to even just one person. Give them the support, tools, and information they need to be successful.

Be Genuine

No one likes a faker.

59% of consumers said that the authenticity of a brand’s content influences them to follow the brand according to Simple Strat.

That’s a huge percent.

  • Be very sure about the information you’re sharing with others.
  • Have a true interest in building a supportive fitness community.
  • Find unique ways to interact with the people involved. This can be online or in person.
  • Create goals to complete together.
  • Have fun! Make sure people are enjoying themselves.
  • Be inclusive to everyone.
  • Give people a reason to share what they are doing with their friends. Referrals are great.

Always come back to why you are doing this. People are pretty good at sensing when you’re not into something. Don’t lose sight of what made you start to begin with.

Want to learn more about my fitness and business journey and how I can help you reach your goals? Contact me!


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