August 12, 2022

Vitamin D Benefits — What can it REALLY do for you?

Vitamin D Benefits — What can it REALLY do for you?

Ahhh — the sun. That beautiful ball in the sky that powers us with energy and gives us that little pep in our step.

But sometimes good things can also have not-so-good parts. Like lemons. Lemons have wonderful nutritional benefits. But too many lemons will give you a stomach ache. What’s that saying? When life gives you lemons — don’t eat too many? Anyway…

Let’s talk about a pro of that very bright star shining from above — Vitamin D.

What is Vitamin D?

According to the Better Health ChannelVitamin D is a hormone that controls calcium levels in the blood. It is needed for strong bones, muscles and overall health.

Let’s break it down even further — Vitamin D can:

  • Strengthen Teeth and Bones
  • Lower the risk for Type 2 Diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Keep Blood Pressure Down
  • Fight Certain Diseases, Infections, and Cancers
  • Regulate Mood and Reduce Depression
  • Assist in Weight Loss
  • Possibly Help with Heart Disease

Pretty neat, right? But before you run outside with your tanning oil, let’s remember what we said earlier about too many lemons. The sun is great — but it can be quite damaging in other ways. So it’s important to use sun protection and limit exposure to 30 minutes at a time.

Now you are probably asking, “Well, how the heck do I get enough Vitamin D then?”

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Let’s Talk Diet

Food is a great way to pack in those vitamins. Unfortunately, brownies are not exactly on the list — but there are plenty of good options including:

  • Fatty Fish — Sushi Anyone?
  • Raw Milk and Fortified Soy Milk
  • Egg Yolk
  • Beef Liver
  • Orange Juice
  • Fortified Cereals
  • Mushrooms

And the list keeps going! Knowing what foods are filled with Vitamin D can help with your next trip to the grocery store.

Take Your Vitamins!

Do I have to? Consider this — you don’t need to constantly worry about getting enough sunlight in the winter months or be repeatedly concerned if the foods you are eating are providing enough Vitamin D if you have proper supplements.

And it’s all right there on the bottle! Legitimate brands will have recommended doses for different groups of people.

But how much is too much? Is there such a thing as too much Vitamin D?

I Think I’ve Gone Too Far

Having too much Vitamin D in your system is not very common. In fact — according to Very Well Mind — about 40% of Americans may be deficient in vitamin D.

But it CAN happen!

Activate infomercial voice

Do you feel:

  • Constipated?
  • Tired or Fatigued?
  • Nauseated?
  • Have Painful Muscles?
  • Frequent Urination?
  • Loss of Appetite?

It could be hypervitaminosis D!

In all seriousness, an overdose of Vitamin D can be dangerous and anyone experiencing symptoms should consult with a doctor.

But I’m not here to frighten you!

  1. Do your research
  2. Break down those recommendations
  3. Consult with professionals

Doing this will put you on the right track!

Get Started

Listen — I know none of us are 100% perfect with our diets or get outdoors enough or take all the perfect supplements. But understanding what your body needs and seeking out ways to get proper levels in your system is the best first step to take!

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