March 7, 2018

STOP Being Afraid of FAT!

STOP Being Afraid of FAT!

Now ladies, I know for years and years, we were conditioned into believing that fat, or anything even TO DO with fat was EVIL, right? For such a long time, it was all about low calorie and low fat food, and even when you go to the store, you can STILL see some things labeled as a “low fat” or a “low calorie” food item, as if that’s a GOOD thing.

Would you believe me if I told you that we NEED a good amount of fat in our lives?? If there isn’t enough fat in our diets, we’re actually STARVING our bodies of really important things that we crave and NEED.

Did you know that studies show that those who have a higher “healthy” fat intake in their diet have better body composition, more lean muscle mass, have an easier time losing fat, have better reproductive health, better brain function and less risk of depression, stronger bones and less risk of osteoporosis, have a reduced risk of cancer, a better cholesterol ratio and reduced risk of heart disease, a stronger immune system, and better skin and eye health? YES – ALL of that!!!

I’m putting my nerdy hat on here for a minute…hear me out!

Healthy fats help you lose fat by improving metabolism, balancing hormones, and eliminating constant cravings. Healthy fat intake leads to greater gains from strength training – for the ladies, this means you’ll have stronger, tighter curves. Eating adequate fat and limiting carbs, ESPECIALLY the unhealthy ones, can produce fat loss and improve metabolism so you can maintain optimal body composition in the long run. “Good” fat intake allows for higher androgens, better reproductive health, stronger libido, better athletic performance, and lower body fat. Your brain is mostly made of up cholesterol and fat, most of which is the essential fatty acid DHA. Getting adequate DHA and saturated fat from healthy sources helps with optimal brain function and can help with serotonin levels – the happy hormone. Healthy fats help carry essential vitamins like vitamin D and K2, needed for healthy bone density. Cancer risks are influenced by many factors, but limiting Omega-6 oil intake in favor of whole food fats, such as olives, avocados, and unprocessed animal fats appear to reduce cancer. I know we’ve been told that things like bacon and eggs are what’s causing heart disease, but in fact, it’s these things paired with processed carbohydrates and sugar that’s the culprit. Including a variety of fats in your diet can help kill dangerous pathogens and prevent infections. And finally – getting enough Omega-3s in your daily diet as well as a variety of saturated fats rich in vitamins A, D, E, and K help with keeping everything lubricated in the body! Better hair, skin, nails and eyes!

Let me also say – NOT ALL FATS ARE CREATED EQUAL! And there are some good rules to follow when adding the right fats to your diet.

“Good” fats are unrefined animal fats, fat from fish, and from plants such as avocado, olive, nuts, and oils like coconut and sesame.

“Bad” fats are processed vegetable fats such as soy, peanut, corn, safflower, and canola oil that have been refined.

Please keep in mind, that all of these benefits can go out the window, and you can also be CAUSING disease, if you don’t restrict and/or remove processed carbohydrates from your daily nutrition.

I’ve recently had to alter my diet a bit because I learned I have high cholesterol, so I’ve been eating much cleaner, not as much bacon, and balancing the HEALTHY carbs with some yummy healthy fat on a regular basis. I actually have a follow up appointment with the doc in a month or so, and I’m going to keep you guys posted on all of that!

One of my faves? AVOCADO!

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