April 9, 2021

Social Media MYTHS Busted for Fitness Instructors!

Social Media MYTHS Busted for Fitness Instructors!

So you've always been interested in fitness and learning more about workouts and nutrition. You're GREAT with people, and even if you've never had experience as a personal trainer before, you're the one your friends all come to for workout advice. You already do workouts on your social media. (Or maybe you're too afraid to try, but you want to!) At this point, we want to ask you: WHAT is holding you back from taking the next step and officially becoming a fitness instructor? 🤔

We're guessing it's probably some completely incorrect, toxic MYTHS that you've learned about fitness instructors: The types of people they are. What they have to do. Who they have to be.

These myths are a harmful form of gatekeeping in the fitness community, making you doubt yourself and your skills. We think you have what it takes to become a fitness instructor, and that's why we want to kick these myths in the butt!! Starting with …

MYTH #1: Only young, extremely fit people can become fitness instructors

Regardless of what you see on Instagram, this is totally FALSE! If you're worried you're too old to be a fitness instructor, please don't fall victim to these stereotypes. For one thing, age is more like "age." Why do we put it in quotation marks? Because some people look their true age, others look older than their true age. Although, it's not really about looks. Some people are 20 and can't get through a workout that a 50-year-old can. So, it's all relative!

Similarly, lots of people are "fit" … a lot more people are not quite as stereotypically fit-looking – and yet, some of those people can do a workout better than someone who appears more fit! 🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️

What really matters is that you are able to do a workout that is helpful to someone.

That's it!!

You might think that because you can't do an intense, hour-long, full-body, fat-burning HIIT workout, you must be too old to become a fitness instructor. But that couldn't be further from the truth!! Because…MOST people can't do an intense, hour-long, full-body, fat-burning HIIT workout. so that means the demand for fitness instructors who can do a more relaxed, reasonable workout is higher than the demand for someone incredibly young and fit, who is more likely to alienate certain demographics. Don't you know people who look like you, and who are interested in working out? Of COURSE you do! And that means there's a great group of people perfect for you and exactly the training you have in store for them. 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️

MYTH #2: There are so many fitness instructors that you'll get "lost in the mix" and "won't make it"

You might wonder, how are you supposed to build a loyal clientele when it seems like there are soooo many instructors? Is the fitness instructor industry oversaturated?

The answer is, just like with any other industry, all you have to do is stand out and find a niche that isn't currently being filled. Then, it doesn't matter how many other fitness instructors there are, you'll still be successful. After all, the fitness industry is not like other industries, where there's a finite number of jobs, and once those jobs are taken there are none left.

Here are the 3 basic steps to become a fitness instructor:

1. Take classes and inform yourself 📚

The best way to become a good trainer is to take tons of group fitness classes and observe what you like about those trainers. You'll have trainers you love and those you hate, so once you figure out what it is about them, then YOU can use that to build your own business and your own attitude as a fitness instructor.

2. Be very active on social media 💻

If you're shy, or you're not very confident in the potential for you to become a fitness instructor, that's going to be obvious on social media. Whether it's made obvious by the fact that you're not posting fitness videos on social media at all, or that they don't exude confidence and authority, it will be clear to your audience! So, once you muster up the courage to not only post but to carry yourself confidently as you would with any other job, then an audience of potential clients and customers will start flocking your way.

3. Have a website

The most important part of getting started as a fitness instructor is, like we said, being perceived as an authority. Without your own website, without your own promo videos, without your own free content to give out to interested people … You're not going to be able to sell anything! So, once you're past the tiniest baby steps, it's time to step it up and get professional!!

But, you may worry that it's not possible for you because …

MYTH #3: If you work a full-time job, you don't have the time or flexibility to become a fitness instructor

This is my number one favorite myth to BUST!

Because I almost want to laugh or cry when someone tells me about how they work this or that soul-crushing job, and so they could never be a fitness instructor because they don't have the time and energy.

In reality, as you well know, that job is SAPPING all of your energy! And if it's preventing you from having enough time to work out, spend time with your family, eat healthy, or get enough sleep, then your energy deficit … your physical, mental, and emotional energy … is just going to get worse. 😴

Instead, if you can find a way to even squeeze an extra HOUR into your day, to work out, or to learn more about the fitness instructor career that you love … then you will actually have more energy. Why? Because you're putting effort into your health and your passions. I know it's easier said than done, but trust me. You may think that if you work a full-time job, then you don't have the time to work towards becoming a fitness instructor. But in reality, a fitness instructor career is so, so FLEXIBLE and WORKABLE! It just takes a few hours a week. You don't have to do any more than that when you're first getting started.

If you want to hear more about instructor opportunities with ME, and how I can become a mentor for you, you can learn more here. I have found such a doable path for new fitness instructors to start their own business. If you thought THESE were great tips I just shared with you, you should know … The fun is only JUST beginning!! 😉


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