February 24, 2020

Should You Get Undereye Fillers?

Should You Get Undereye Fillers?

Today I'm going to dive into the world of undereye fillers…Are they safe, are they a hassle, are they super expensive…Are they really any more effective than eye creams?

undereye fillers

So I'm going to follow the journey of journalist Alix Tunell, as she went through the process of getting undereye fillers…

First off, maybe you're not sure what undereye fillers even are:

They are injections of hyaluronic acid under your eyes in order to mimic fat stores. This can be helpful both for sunken eyes, and for undereye bags in order to redistribute the fat better. The reason that it could be more effective than eye CREAMS is because dark circles under the eyes, and them being sunk in or baggy are mostly hereditary issues, meaning that you need a pretty extreme intervention (like injections) to actually see a difference.

Overall, if you have a dark, sunken look under your eyes, then fillers seem like the ideal solution. But what if you're scared to try it? Either scared of injections/needles, or scared that the result will be botched? I figure the best defense against fear is to arm yourself with knowledge, and that's what I'm here to help with today.

First off, you should know that while it can be used to treat puffy eyes, it's more effective against sunken eyes…

And it's NOT helpful to treat dark circles under the eyes, if those dark circles are caused by pigment. I can't emphasize this enough! If you've got pigment under there, then undereye fillers are just going to make it worse. But, there's a way to test whether you have dark circles under your eyes because of pigment, or because they're sunken: hold a mirror and look up, so that the bright light from above is hitting your undereyes directly. If you don't see that purplish pigment anymore, then it was just a shadow, and undereye fillers will fix it. But if you still see it…then it's pigment and the undereye fillers will make it worse.

Or, know that any reputable cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist will be able to tell you honestly which yours is, if you ask!

Another thing to keep in mind is that these fillers are safe! Some people will say they're not, because they're not FDA-approved, but the thing is, they're just a type of dermal filler, (just like cheek or lip fillers). And those types of fillers are FDA-approved. The reason the under-eye ones aren't is simply because of a lack of studies…It's the same as a lip filler, and used the same way, so no worries!

The only thing you do have to worry about is making sure to find a board-certified dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon to do the procedure! You can find someone to do it at a medical spa who isn't certified, and the thing is, of course this is a lot cheaper and can be gotten through something like a Groupon. And I can totally see why that's appealing! But, you need to go for the safer option even if it's more expensive!!

Dr. Dara Liotta, who is actually DOUBLE board certified as a plastic surgeon, says that the reason this truly requires that level of expertise is: it's very subtle how you're redistributing a small amount of fat under your eyes. Plus, it requires someone who understands that that part of your face MOVES a lot.

Last but not least, you'll want to ask the doctor whether they're going to use an injector called a "cannula" that's different from a needle because it can access your entire undereye in one poke, instead of multiple. This reduces the risk of bruising. You are going to have a mark where the cannula or needle goes in, but according to Alix, that should go away in about a week.

And look at these results:

Overall, I don't think this is something I'm ready to try yet, but it does seem pretty effective with not many risks of "botching" associated. Plus, it lasts for about a year, which is a pretty great amount of time considering the cost, but also, you know it won't last forever if you're not happy with the results.

Has anyone here ever gotten undereye fillers? Care to share the results in the comments?


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