October 14, 2018

PiYo LIVE Round 61 Filming Fun!

PiYo LIVE Round 61 Filming Fun!

This past week we filmed PiYo Live round 61. Crazy! I can still remember when Chalene asked me to help with choreography for PiYo. That was on round 18 and I never looked back. So when people say PiYo changed their lives, I get it 100%, because it was a defining point in mine. Chalene developed this program over 15 years ago because she personally needed it, and yoga wasn’t her thing. Thank goodness she did. My job as the PiYo Live Format Expert allows me to create the choreography for the instructor rounds. I pick the music and cross my fingers that we make magic happen. So far so good.

I was lucky to film this round with some of my best friends. Holly G and Larisa S – TOTAL PiYo OG’s. They are professional and funny and supportive and inappropriate…LOL! I love them. We film 10 sections for the actual class and every section we did was one take…until the second to the last one. We were filming, everything was going great. Well at least I thought so and then I suddenly realized I’d switched up moves completely and Larisa and Holly did not miss a beat – they just followed right along. Now that is TRUST! You see they just assumed that I would work some magic and get us out of it. That didn’t happen CUT. RETAKE. No big deal. OOPS!

When you have a job that you absolutely love, it’s not really a JOB!

I am so blessed to be able to be creative and spend time with people that I truly admire. I thank Chalene every day for letting me take care of PiYo for her.

I posted about PiYo this past week, and I had some feedback that I couldn’t help but want to share. Some of the ladies who shared were so gracious to let me share their testimonies with you. Read on!

I 💖 teaching PiYo! Even though I do other workouts too, PiYo has increased the definition in my arms like nothing else! (& I can do soooo many squats now too 😁)

-Shaleen Jonas

I fell in love with PiYO because it strengthened & toned my body without any equipment! I also enjoy moving to music so it was a perfect match. #piyolover

-Jill Hope 

POSTURE. so much better now 🙌🏼. Also passion, confidence, and lots of physical strength 💪🏼💪🏼👍🏼

-Patty Tacklind

❤️PIYO❤️After many ups and downs, it got me back on track, gave me my confidence back, and as I am getting VERY close to 50, I still feel 30.

-Carole Allegro

My core strength is so strong and my flexibility has improved so much over the past 4 years 🙌. I also love that it is a wonderful paradox: strength and grace/ feeling Fierce and humble , Fun and grounding.💜

-Joanne Hanckowiak

PiYo has helped me stretch and strengthen areas I used to have arthritis in. My hip flexor doesn’t hurt, my torn rotator cuff has gotten stronger and very useable, my core is solid and I feel so much better overall.

-Sami Acker

I’m on week 7 of the at home DVDs & I’ve lost 4 inches just in my waist… & I’m still modifying most of the time!! I love PiYo!!

-Maria Weirich

I don’t usually comment but feel compelled to. I was introduced to PiYo by my best friend 4+ years ago. Never did I think I would do a dvd workout. I was hooked after 30 days. I still do the dvds daily and rarely miss a day. PiYo not only completely transformed and sculpted my body but gave me an amazing inner strength I never knew I had. It changed my life. So thank you Michelle for all you to encourage others to do PiYo. Anyone on the fence – do it! It is a minimal investment with endless rewards.

-Colleen Fahey Brown 

It’s aaallllll good. So far, not even into my second round, I’m down 23 pounds but it’s more of how the shape of my body has changed. Curves in all the right places and muscles everywhere else!!

-Becky VanArsdall

Regained my entire body strength after suffering a back injury which resulted in surgery after 8 months of doing nothing. I can out push-up or out plank everyone I know. I lead PiYo live workouts without hardly breaking a sweat and my class just blankly stares at me sometimes. I was able to bike 440 miles in a week and enjoyed every moment. I’ve lost 50lbs in the past 16 months thanks to PiYo Live. Should I keep going??? EVERYONE NEEDS PIYO IN THEIR LIFE.

-Kate Welter

If you’ve never taken a PiYo Live class, I’d HIGHLY recommend that you find one and try it. If you love doing PiYo at home, you’ll LOVE doing PiYo in a group environment, the energy is AMAZING.

You can search for a PiYo Live class right here.


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