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As I was preparing for Cabo, both of my girls were taking summer school finals, and my oldest is preparing to take her drivers test on the 13th.

They handle stress very differently…

My youngest daughter, who’s up at Santa Barbara is very easy-going and relaxed and tends to deal with things internally and is kind of a ‘it is what it is’ type of girl. She just takes charge and gets things done. She has a lot of initiative. Her final didn’t really seem to faze her – and if it did you really couldn’t tell.

My oldest took two classes – Literature and Behavioral Statistics. The thought of those two classes in six weeks over the summer makes me anxious…LOL. I’ll just say literature was a breeze for her, and if you read her blog, you know why she’s just naturally gifted in writing. BUT, Behavioral Statistics…that’s another story. Math is not her strong suit and this class was challenging to say the least. I’ll be honest – I looked at the questions and it looked like a foreign language to me. But I’m happy to say she got her grade back and she passed the class. Thank you God. Because that was the final course she needed to get her Associates degree! So proud of her.

Now the whole drivers test thing is another story. My oldest, who’s 21, just opted not to drive. And honestly sometimes I don’t blame her. No insurance, you don’t have to pay for gas, and some people are scary drivers. But after getting back from her semester abroad in the UK, she decided it was something that she may not want to do, but definitely needed to do. So Monday, August 13th is the day. Wish her luck. I might also have to mention that teaching your children how to drive might need to be outsourced if you want to stay sane. 💋

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