July 29, 2018

News on the Homefront

News on the Homefront

On the homefront things have calmed down a little. LOL not a lot of traveling for work in my near future, THANK goodness. Instead, I planned some much needed mini-vacations with my family and my girlfriends. In 2 weeks we go to Cabo. I am so excited to visit The Flora Farm. We’ll be taking a farm tour picking our own veggies and making part of our dinner. Because making the whole thing might take some of the fun out of it – AND ummmmm….if I cook, it might not be edible!

This week we did a 90 minute multi-instructor PiYo class at SJC 24 hour fitness to Celebrate the Group Fitness Instructor of the Month, ‘little old me”, and to promote my favorite GroupX format, PiYo! SO MUCH FUN!!! FIVE instructors and about 150 students! Teaching fitness classes fills my cup! Its a 33 year journey that I don’t ever want to end. 


Lexi,(my youngest daughter),who’s away at school, started a new job ay my FAVORITE place to eat in the area. Great food and super healthy. She also saw a dead body at the beach while she was swimming…yay – so THAT happened. They thought it was a dead animal and got out of the water quick, but later found out it was a HUMAN! I’ll update you when I get the deets! I also mentioned to her that going swimming and surfing might not be so smart right now since she does live in an area populated with great whites, and that “animal” might attack them…? PLEASE? 

Brandi (my oldest daughter) just published another blog post about her UK experience…you should read it. She’s an introvert, loves to stay home, has a select group of friends who would do anything for each other, and before this trip, had NEVER been away from home for more than a weekend! Might be a great read for your high school age kids too!

Read Brandi’s blog here…


The puppies Samson and Delilah are good! Sammy still has his cone from when he had the alien baby taken off the inside of his leg but the DOC says he’s doing really well. Oh wait…you might want me to explain “alien baby”. Well, Sammy is a lumpy dog. He has lots of little lumps over his body. This particular one was the size of a fist and growing. I was pretty concerned, but the biopsy came back as a fatty tumor. It really was inhibiting his walking. So while he was under getting his teeth cleaned, the DOC took out the fatty tumor – IT LOOKED LIKE A FETUS! I don’t want to gross you out, but I’m telling you – this thing was WILD. Ok sorry – some of you might get a little queasy. But it fascinated me…




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