July 29, 2018

Burn Calories While Watching Netflix

Burn Calories While Watching Netflix

Let’s talk FITNESS!

My JAM right now is….

STRENGTH TRAINING. I know what you’re going to say. Won’t I gain weight lifting weights? Won’t I get bulky? The answer is NO. Do you ever wonder why men can lose 10 pounds in 2 seconds just by removing soda from their diet? They have MORE MUSCLE. What does that mean? They burn more calories while they’re doing NOTHING – like watching Netflix. The same rings true for women, IF we have more muscle! How do we get more muscle? By STRENGTH TRAINING!! And that DOES NOT mean that you have to go and lift super heavy free weights with the meatheads in the gym, (although, I’m not knocking you if you do!) Your strength training could consist of doing simple body weight exercises. The point is, you’re strengthening your muscles. I have to mention one other HUGE benefit of this. I know you’ve heard that women are more likely to get Osteoporosis than men, and that has to do with our bone density. Strength training can help us increase our bone density and help PREVENT Osteoporosis. PLUS – it will REALLY help us look nice in our bathing suits. SCORE, right?? 

Wanna join me in some torture? LOL, I mean FUN?! Find out how below!

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