August 5, 2018

My Date with Adam…

My Date with Adam…

OK…Cats out of the bag! I had a date with Adam… Adam Levine. Yes, THE Adam Levine from Maroon 5! Well he might not have known we were on a date, but we definitely were. LOL! Let me explain.

I went to a live taping of The Voice.

Boy, WHAT an experience. Now I know there are people that do this on a weekly basis. You know – get free tickets go to these events sit in the audience stand up, sit down, clap, cheer… But I don’t think I could that EVERY WEEK. It was a LONG day! And I’m not 25 anymore!

The taping was at Universal Studios on the back lot. We got there at about 1:45 and were the last 30 people in line to get in when the guy comes up and says, I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that I can scan your ticket and you can go home…the bad news is that we might not be able to let any of you in. Well great – long story short, we ended up getting in and were like the last five people that they let in the door because apparently they were overbooked. But I’ll tell you that there were some empty seats. We were bussed to the back lot and dropped off at the soundstage. Mind you it’s about 90 degrees in L.A. I also didn’t eat lunch because I thought there would be food up there but no such luck. When we got inside there was a lot of sitting and standing and moving seats and clapping and yelling. They prepped us for all this. The MC at the beginning who was great told us when to stand, told us when to sit and we had rehearsed clapping. I was a little overzealous at the beginning and possibly might have injured my hands…LOL.

The Voice contestants were so good. We got to see the battle rounds, which if you didn’t know is when two people battle it out and either make it to the finals or are stolen by another coach or go home. I can’t tell you the outcome but I’ll tell you this season is going to be really good.

Now remember this whole time I’m on a date. A date with Adam. Adam Levine. Yes THE Adam from Maroon 5.  We were making a lot of eye contact, he might’ve even shouted out my name a couple times, and I MIGHT have yelled I love you Adam.

Did I mention that they don’t let you bring cell phones for obvious reasons? They don’t want anything to leak before the season goes live. So I don’t have any pictures of Adam and I. But trust me there are plenty…


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