August 27, 2018

My Absolute Favorite Active Wear Bottoms Right Now! ROGAWEAR

My Absolute Favorite Active Wear Bottoms Right Now! ROGAWEAR

“I’ve been finding and refining my voice as an artist for over 20 years. I find what I am most passionate about is painting images of women who are inspiring or need inspiration. Sometime this is the same woman. Many times part of this woman’s soul is in me. I love baring witness to strong women. Watching them navigate life with all its bumps in the road; I find it beautiful. When as women we stumble and are forced to learn lessons the essence of the beauty in the chaos is what we take away for the next time.”

Ronit Galazan-Wiener, Creator of RogaWear

Love this message and love these bottoms! 

These bottoms are THE bottoms right now. Each piece are prints of inspirational quotes to live by on leggings and capris and other garments that feel great on the body.

Want a pair? Check them out below and use my discount code mpark15 for a 15% discount that you can use until the end of October!

You’re welcome!


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