January 24, 2018

Meet Brandi

Meet Brandi


Hello, everyone. No, I am not the marvelous Michele Park but I am her daughter.

My name is Brandi. I am 21 starting in April and I am majoring in Anthropology, which is the comparative study of humankind. For those of you who haven’t ever heard of Anthropology, it compares worldwide past and present societies and cultures and their overall development. It is also separated into four categories: Cultural, Biological (Evolutionary), Linguistic and Archaeology. Each field of study branches off into a multitude of subfields. Cultural Anthropology examines cultural practices, belief systems and social hierarchies. Biological Anthropology examines ecological adaptations, skeletal differences and anatomy. Linguistics focus on worldwide languages, dialogues and the overall benefits of communications. Archaeology study ancient societies and base their findings on artifacts (remains, ceramics, tools, treasures) found on site. Know anyone interested in, or at least curious about, these fields? I’ve taken courses in all main branches and highly recommend these fields of study to anyone interested in learning more about humanity and its endless mysteries.

When I am not at school, I love to read, write and draw. I love fantasy, and hope to complete and publish some stories I’ve compiled over the years. As a kid, when I wasn’t reading books I was devising characters and worlds of my own. Any character I favored above the rest, I was compelled to illustrate in a cartoon and/or manga fashion.

Also, notice how I haven’t mentioned exercise once in this post … Wanna know why? Because, truth be told, exercise is not my favorite thing in the world. I don’t even consider it a hobby. On the other hand , for me, exercise is an occasionally unpleasant necessity to remain healthy. We all need to eat healthy and exercise from time to time, and I admit that I have neglected the temple that is my body. I love dark chocolate, peanut butter, video games and sitting on my butt. But I know that, despite my marvelous, lazy loves, I’ve got to take better care of myself.

As an Anthropology Major, I know for a fact that the human body did not evolve to consume consistent and irregular fats, sugars and cholesterols. Our ancestors developed as efficient hunter-gatherers, making every moment count because life was so short. Today it’s a new jungle, one made of concrete and tech, offering irresistible luxuries. Are you ready to face the new world? Let’s face it together!



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