January 27, 2023

How To Show Up For Other Hustling Female Entrepreneurs And Why It Matters

How To Show Up For Other Hustling Female Entrepreneurs And Why It Matters

I’m going to take a wild guess and assume that most of you reading have seen the Olympics? Or at least heard of the world stage of sports?

Raise your virtual hand if you think it would be questionable if someone from, say, the United States gymnastic team, went out to win gold but didn’t want to support any other fellow Americans in the other performing sports.

That just wouldn’t happen. Why? Because they may play a different game — but they’re all a part of the same team.

All female entrepreneurs are also on the same team in different ways.

How You Can Help Them

So what can you do to help out?


No matter if it’s a shoutout on social media or hanging some flyers on your wall — it’s always nice for someone else to promote your business.

Taking the time to consider their services and share it with the people you know is helpful for any business owner trying to make it in today’s market.

Sharing is caring after all.

Offer Services

Maybe you have a business that would be really beneficial to the one you’re trying to help out? Or maybe it’s just lending a helping hand or providing some useful tips.

Whatever it is — offering services (paid or free) is a good way to build connections of reliability and trust.

Everybody appreciates help where they can get it.

Buy From Them

This may seem obvious — but sometimes simple things make the biggest impact.

Take the class, buy the product, try something new. Not useful to you? No problem! Gift cards are great too. Be the customer.

And this can be the really fun part. I mean — who wouldn’t like trying new bath bombs from the skincare place down the road?

You’re helping them out in the same way that someone volunteers at a pet adoption event. Is it really work if you get to pet puppies all day?

How They Can Help You

Take the flip side — what can they do for you?


You can basically be the sprinkles to someone’s cupcake, and you never would have known if not for someone else.

In other words — other businesses can help you get connected to the right people for the right opportunities.

Business networking is super important — especially for the smaller scale ones. Take advantage when you can!


What’s the saying… what’s yours is mine? You helping them helps you gain a wider range of people who could become customers.

It’s like spilling a glass of water, it will cover a certain area, right? But what if you spill two glasses of water? It covers even more space.

Other businesses can encourage their customers to look at what you have to offer (but in a better way than spilling water everywhere).


Taking your business to the next level can be challenging. Luckily, if you know the right people, you can work together to make something wonderful happen.

Businesses helping businesses is like one big happy line to a bigger and brighter future.

Don’t get me wrong, I know you are strong, smart, and capable — but would you rather play tug-of-war by yourself or with others who have your back?

Grow with the right people behind you.

The Bigger Picture

You helping them and them helping you boils down to people helping people.

Opportunities, leveling up, improving your businesses is obviously a great thing — but if you’re a female entrepreneur, I encourage you to back like-minded ladies who are blazing trails for other women in business for the sake of continuing to move the world forward.

After all, what is the world without women in business?

Support is the best way we can all be successful.


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