June 23, 2022

How to Have That Lean Barre Body Without Leaving the House

How to Have That Lean Barre Body Without Leaving the House

Getting yourself to leave the house for a workout can be hard.

Especially when your day is already packed — making time to drive to the gym, workout, and back can just not be practical at times.

At-home workouts are becoming more and more popular than ever before. Being able to follow guided workouts in the comfort of your own space can make working out more accessible. And while you can pick and choose what workouts you’d like to complete at home, add barre to the list.

You can join a barre class online, follow a guided workout video, or if you’re already familiar with barre you can come up with your own workout on your own time. And yes, it can be completed at home.

But first, if you’re not sure, let’s talk about what barre is.

A barre workout is a full-body strength training workout. It incorporates and takes movements from ballet primarily, while also incorporating movements from yoga and pilates. It’s a great way to strength train and most barre exercises use bodyweight resistance and require you to use a ballet barre for support and balance. Or, if you’re at home, a sturdy chair or object to replace the ballet barre.

There are many different classes when it comes to barre, but ultimately most of the workouts with this specific area of fitness are compound exercises and isometric holds. Barre workouts help increase not only strength but flexibility. Completing these workouts can help improve muscular endurance as well as a range of motion. There are many fitness benefits to be had when it comes to barre workouts.

But, how do you do barre workouts at home?

Easy! As mentioned before, all you need is either a ballet barre or something that you can use for balance and support as a replacement. Alongside a ballet barre, you may need a set of light weights, ranging from two to five pounds. Some workout moves will call for these light weights, as well as some resistance bands. All of these tools are easy to find and shouldn’t be too expensive to purchase. You can save money and get your workout done in the convenience of your own safe space.

By following guided barre workouts, joining an online class, or coming up with your own barre workout with prior knowledge—working out at home can be easier and more convenient than ever. Whichever route works for you can help you achieve that lean barre body you are striving towards—and it is doable. You can achieve just that from home.

It’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it? No more scheduling time out of your day to drive to the class, do the workout, and drive home. No more excuses or procrastinating. No more scheduling. Nope—just walk to your designated workout room in your house and complete the workout in the comfort of your own home, however you may like to do so.

If you’re unsure of where to start when it comes to barre, do some light research. Look up those guided workouts I mentioned and learn along the way. Just make sure at home you’re always stretching before your workout. If a guided workout doesn’t include the stretching—don’t forget! You don’t want to injure yourself on your fitness journey.

To sum it up, you can have that lean barre body without leaving the home in no time. Make it easy and convenient for yourself, save yourself some time, and enjoy your workouts from home. Take pride in your exercises, stay fit, and have fun with it. Barre may just be your new favorite workout of choice.

Happy exercising!

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