February 9, 2020

How to Get Your Husband a Gift He’ll Actually Like!

How to Get Your Husband a Gift He’ll Actually Like!

For some people, gift-giving is an important way of showing love. (And that doesn't have to mean the dollar amount of the gift, just that you're showing you know them well enough to know what they like) So with that in mind, today I'm going to tell you how to get your husband a gift that really shows you know him!

how to get your husband a gift

First off, I know we've all done that thing where we search on Amazon, "best gifts for husband" or something like that. And it's not that Amazon doesn't do a good job, it's just that it's unlikely to be personal enough to tell you how to get your husband a gift that's unique to him.

You might be thinking, "Michele, you don't know my husband so how can you help me??"

Right, but YOU do!

And that's why I think food-related gifts are some of the best. Cook him his favorite meal, make him his favorite cookies. "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach," and all that!

But another thing to consider is, of course, your husband's specific hobbies.

"Duh, Michele," you say. (Wow, you're a little critical today, huh? 😉 )

But I'm saying, think about a hobby he doesn't talk about as often, when it comes to how to get your husband a gift he'll love.

Does he talk about astronomy sometimes but not "nerd out" about it too often because he knows it bores you? Consider getting him a telescope. Does he like old Victorian history stuff? Get a fake personalized marriage certificate for the two of you that looks like it was made in the 1800's. Or, is he always cold? Get a nice Sherpa blanket, and maybe some camping gear from the brand to go along with it!

Search for Groupons that go along with certain things he's been wanting to do, whether that's indoor rock climbing or going to a winery…Get him tickets to his favorite show…

Or is he a huge health nut? Keto or vegan? Get him his favorite brand of protein powder! (The key with this tip on how to get your husband a gift he'll appreciate is to not get health and fitness-related gifts if he's NOT into it, or if you think he'll say, "What is this supposed to mean?")

Last but not least, of course, handmade gifts are always the most heartfelt. But if you're not really "gifted" in the handmade sweater or scrapbook department, then you should definitely consider the help of a custom gift website.

For example, have you ever considered writing a short "Why I Love You" book, penning the words and doing illustrations? That would be such a sweet idea. But chances are you're not really sure how to print up some professional-looking hardcover book, and maybe not sure exactly what to say, and definitely not able to draw the illustrations!!

Well, that's where a few of these websites can come in to help:


I personally thought this was the cutest idea ever and not really that difficult once you take some of the work out of it, and all that's left is saying what's in your heart!!

Guaranteed, no one has ever gotten you a gift this cool and unique, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it for him…

A gift this sweet keeps on giving. Meaning, he'll be so happy that maybe he'll be the one to cook you your favorite meal. 😉


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