December 9, 2022

How To Create A Passion Over Perfection Model As An Instructor

How To Create A Passion Over Perfection Model As An Instructor

Where are my overachievers at?!

You? Yup. Me too.

There are SO many people that work hard and yield undesirable results because they are missing one little thing — profound passion.

Sure, there can be passion behind your drive for perfection. But that’s not the kind of passion that will support you for the long haul. Being truly passionate means an undeniable spark.

So how do you take that spark and move forward with your dreams? Let’s find out! ⬇⬇


The point of you ditching that old office gig is to do what you love, right?

It’s been found that people who strive for perfection produce lesser results than those who are fulfilled in what they are doing.

Perfectionism can result in…

✘ Depression

✘ Anxiety

✘ Low Self Esteem

✘ Burnout

✘ Stress

✘ Health Issues

No need to stress about pulling for unattainable perfection. Your passion will get you better results than anything else and should be the foundation of your future.

Wins And Losses

One thing that’s really important to anyone running a business is to know that you will have wins (yay!) and you will also have losses.

Don’t let the losses slow you down.

Did you know that Netflix first pitched their idea to Blockbuster Executives and literally got laughed out the door? — Look at them now!

You never know where your path is going to take you, but you have to be humble about your wins and optimistic about your losses to find success.

Have FUN

Laughter has been proven to support your body. According to the Mayo Clinic “A good laugh has great short-term and long-term effects. When you start to laugh, it doesn't just lighten your load mentally, it actually induces physical changes in your body.”

It’s basically a natural medicine.

Yes, you have to put on a serious face at times to get down to business — but you don’t always have to take things so seriously!

When you stop pushing yourself to be perfect and concentrate on your passion, you will…

✓ Drop unnecessary pressures

✓ Enjoy the little things

✓ Embrace the journey

✓ See new perspectives

A wise quote states “If you don’t smile at least once a day while doing your job, you are not doing the right thing”.

Happiness is contagious, you will only be helping yourself and your students if you find ways to bring a little genuine fun to your classes.

Share With Others

What’s the point in all of your hard work if you don’t get to bask a little in the good parts with the people around you?

DO NOT let the imperfections stop you from sharing your progress in building something you are passionate and proud of.

It’s like planning a wedding. Things will go wrong — but at the end of the day you get to marry the love of your life.

You know what people are going to see over the minor glitches? Joy.

Running a business is the same kind of journey, it takes time, planning, and adjustment. The thing is — you won’t get very far if you’re constantly criticizing yourself and discrediting everything you’ve worked so hard for.

So share your wins! Learn from your losses. And enjoy all the pieces that make up your story.


It’s important as an instructor to make sure that you personally lock down a passion over perfection model — but I also implore you to shine bright so others can do the same.

In the world of fitness, perfection isn’t possible — PROGRESS is. And your students are only going to make progress if they are motivated, inspired, and passionate about change.

Help them find that passion and make it the number one priority.

Want to learn more about my fitness and business journey and how I can help you reach your goals? Contact me!


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