February 27, 2021

Have You Been Resisting the Resistance Band?

Have You Been Resisting the Resistance Band?

With the world transitioning to staying and working at home more, you may be looking for ways to transition your fitness to a more at-home style. If this sounds like you, resistance bands are the workout equipment you need. Maybe you’ve heard of them, but have been too skeptical to give them a try. It’s time to stop resisting the resistance band! These miracle pieces of elastic will take your workouts to a whole new level.

Have you been resisting the resistance band?

A resistance band resembles a bungee cord or oversized rubber band but don’t let their appearance fool you. Once you try them, these unassuming pieces of equipment will rival even your favorite go-to workout.

Super Convenient!

Gone are the days of clearing out space for a bulky treadmill or Bowflex Home Gym. No need to dedicate a whole room to your workout equipment at home anymore. Resistance bands are small and compact and require very little space for use and storage. If you live in an apartment or don’t have much extra space in your home, this is good news!

To use resistance bands, you only need about a six-foot by six-foot space to have adequate room to workout. And storage is a breeze! Since resistance bands are just flat elastic bands they can easily be folded and placed on a shelf or in a drawer.

Going on vacation? No need to miss a single workout while you’re away! Since resistance bands are so compact, they fit perfectly in your suitcase or carry-on luggage.

Anybody Can Use Them

It honestly doesn’t matter where you are in your fitness journey, there is a set of resistance bands out there for you. Are you just starting on your fitness journey? Perfect. Are you a seasoned athlete in top shape? Even better! Are you recovering from an injury? Yes, resistance bands are even safe for you to use!

Resistance bands can be adapted to any fitness level and have a lower risk for injury than other workout equipment. In fact, they are commonly used for physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Have you been resisting the resistance band?

Mimics Exercises You Already Do

Maybe you’re skeptical about trying resistance bands because you think it will take too much time to learn how to use them. No need to worry! The best part about resistance bands is that using them mimics exercises that you already know how to do.

For example, many resistance band exercises resemble classic weight lifting exercises. Curling a dumbbell, a common weight lifting exercise can be replicated using a resistance band by standing on one end of the band, holding the other end in your hand, and curling it like you would a dumbbell.

Resistance bands allow you to get the same benefits of weight training without having to spend a lot of time studying or training in the technique.

Gives Your Whole Body a Good Workout

Resistance bands are the unicorn of the workout equipment world! You can train multiple areas of your body without switching equipment (how awesome!). For example, squats, horizontal and vertical chest presses, overhead presses, leg lifts, lunges, and sit-ups are just a few of the exercises you can complete with a resistance band. There is literally no muscle you can’t work with a resistance band!

Not only are they versatile, but resistance bands also provide a comparable quality workout because they provide a higher time under tension (TUT) for your muscles. What does this mean? Unlike using free weights, which only gives muscle tension at certain points of a movement, resistance bands provide resistance throughout the entire movement. The harder you pull on them, the more resistance and tension you get. This goes a long way in muscle training.

Resistance bands are great for training your muscles, but your musculoskeletal system also gets a boost when using resistance. Since resistance bands are technically a weight-bearing exercise they help build and maintain strong bones.

Have you been resisting the resistance band?

Saves You Money!

Stocking your home gym with free weights can cost you upwards of $1 per pound (whoa!). When you factor in buying new weights every time you hit a new level in your workout routine, that can add up super quick! Even a cheap gym membership can cost you more in the long run when you get locked into a contract.

If you’re reading this and stressing about how much money you’re going to invest in this amazing workout equipment, drop the calculator! Of course, there are varying types and qualities of resistance bands out there, but an adequate set of resistance bands can cost you as little as 30 dollars. You can find the right resistance bands for your budget and needs without breaking the bank.

Even better, one set of resistance bands comes with multiple bands of various sizes that can accommodate the whole family. Talk about cost-efficiency!

When you look at the perks of using resistance bands, it really is a no-brainer. It’s time to stop resisting and just give in! Your body and your wallet will thank you.


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