September 9, 2018



Tips to get the most out of your class/work out. 

The definition of FLOW STATE is complete absorption in the present moment. So how and why would you want to work towards this state in your fitness class or workout routine?

Well the why is easy. Feeling completely comfortable with your workout inspires you to do more, to come back to class, to continue your routine. Exercise is much more than a physical journey –  it’s an emotional journey with the instructor as your guide.

So how do you get to that FLOW state?

1. Remember you have modifications, so use them. Drop down to your knees for push-ups. Take a break when you need it. Honor your body by listening to its needs.

2. Challenge yourself: everyday will be different. Know when to push yourself a little harder. Maybe your walk turns into a jog, or you lift a heavier weight than yesterday. Maybe you do a HIIT workout to challenge your cardiovascular endurance.

3. Set goals. These can be long term, say for the length of a certain program or short term till the end of that specific workout. Setting goals will give you long-term vision and short-term motivation . And when you are in the middle of a different workout knowing your vision will help push you to finish! When you reach your goal, simply set a new one.

4. Focus. How do you feel in the moment? If you are weight training, what muscle are you using? Use a mirror if possible to see how the muscle is working. If you are doing cardiovascular endurance work, how is your breathing? Smooth and steady or labored? Staying in tune with what you’re actually doing is vital in focus.

5. Eliminate distractions. Leave your phone on silent, or better yet in, another room. If you are working out at home, find a place that allows you to be at peace. Natural lights – no fluorescent lighting.

Happy absorbing!


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