March 13, 2019

Facial Massager! Should You Be Massaging Your Face Every Day?

Facial Massager! Should You Be Massaging Your Face Every Day?

I have to be honest, I totally wasn’t familiar with the idea of a facial massager until recently when I saw a video on how it’s supposed to “drain toxins”…and it sounded like a big scam to me!


I mean, these days they’ll sell anything…and people believe that if they feel pain or discomfort, then that means the product is working! LOL!


So should you be using a “facial roller”/”facial massager”? Or should you be having someone massage your face, if you don’t want to buy anything? (That would be a good activity to do with your spouse, maybe? 😉 LOL!)

And, can this product “rejuvenate” or “youthen” your face in some way?


Well, while I was skeptical, I have to admit that the science SEEMS to check out!


Basically, massaging your face actually stimulates lymph nodes, as well as what’s called the “lymphatic system” in your face. This system has TOXINS in it, basically meaning there are toxins under your face skin. EW, RIGHT?


A facial massager can push these toxins out of your face so they can be flushed out of the body…but only if you massage the correct way.


One method is called the Tanaka method, created by Yukuko Tanaka. And the way she does this is by making sure she gets at the lymph nodes with the facial massager!


And I know you might be thinking, “Uh, Michele, your lymph nodes are in your neck.” That’s true, but lymph nodes have these things called lymph vessels, which are like nerves that spread up into your face. It’s true that your lymph nodes are these little bean shapes in your neck, but its job is to drain excess FLUID from all over your body.


The lymph vessels are in your face, so that the lymph nodes can remove all the fluid from up there. So basically, like I mentioned earlier, the Yukoko Tanaka massage method is massaging this LYMPHATIC SYSTEM in your face, in order to drain the fluid and the toxins.

Pretty amazing, right?


So what’s her method, exactly?


You massage the face downward and backward, so you’re pushing the excess fluid DOWN toward your lymph nodes.


And then it drains away down the neck!!


Of course, if you’re going to do this to yourself with a facial massager, you want to apply a facial moisturizer first or else it might be too rough on the skin, instead of smooth and gentle.


“OK,” you might say, “There’s a lot of pseudoscience out there to back up stuff that doesn’t actually work. So do DOCTORS agree that facial massage works?”


Well, the thing is, some doctors do and some don’t. Dr. Stefanie Williams, who created that Eudelo Skin Clinic, says that it helps boost circulation and blood flow…Wait a minute, but that explanation is different from Tanaka’s about the lymph nodes…


It seems a little fishy that they all come to different conclusions on why it’s good, but on the other hand, there IS evidence supporting it.


But hey, whether it works or not, it couldn’t hurt…well, as long as the person massaging knows what they’re doing!!! 😉


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