December 10, 2021

Essential Items Every Entrepreneur Needs to Stay Sane

Essential Items Every Entrepreneur Needs to Stay Sane

In today’s crazy world, it seems like every time you get your feet under you to make progress, something happens. Sound familiar?

This is especially true if you are running your own business.

Not only do you have the stresses of life, but you’re trying to keep your business in the air as well. It can all make a person feel slightly out of control.

Fortunately, there are ways to get your life back in order. It would be impossible to cover everything in just one blog, but here are some essential items every entrepreneur needs to stay sane.


I want to be clear that staying organized is the key to keeping your cool when everything is turned upside down. With that in mind, all these items are geared to keeping stuff in order and running smoothly.

Vision Board

Every successful entrepreneur will tell you that you need a plan to drive your business forward. The best way to stick to this plan is to have a vision of where you want it to go, and the best way to keep that vision insight is to put the steps and goals on a vision board.

The great thing about a vision board is that it is personal to you and can include anything that motivates you or keeps you focused. Cartoons, affirmations, doodles, meditations, pictures…they can all go on the vision board.


Mind deadlines. Pleasant colleagues sitting at the table and holding calendar while working on the laptop

The goals on your vision board need to be reached at the appropriate intervals. One missing or late deadline can throw everything else off, making your plan go off the rails. Very little else can derail a plan quicker.

There is an ongoing debate about whether calendar apps or “old-fashioned” wall or desk calendars are more effective. To me, the discussion is a waste of time. Figure out which one you respond to better and use it.

In fact, I would suggest utilizing both. Find a calendar app for daily appointments and goals and a physical calendar you can write on for bigger goals and benchmarks.


White office shelves with folders and different stationery, close up

Here is a little trick I learned from a friend who is constantly juggling activity schedules for her three kids. She let each kid pick a color. From doctor appointments to soccer practices, every event is coded in that color for that kid.

Yes, her calendar looks like a rainbow exploded, but she can see who needs to be where and when with a glance.

Consider applying this to your calendar system as well. Maybe small tasks are one color, and big deadlines are another. Even everyday appointments can be coded between personal and business. It’s a great visual to keep things organized.

Paper system

Hands searching through file folders with personal finance documents

Everything is about automation and apps these days, but I think a vital part of creativity in business is that personal touch. You never know when an idea may come to you, and you may not always be able to get your phone out to capture it.

Consider carrying a small notebook to jot your ideas down. Remember, inspiration can strike anywhere, so write down something you see or hear as well. Yes, I know you can do this in a notebook app, but don’t underestimate the power of seeing an idea in your handwriting. It is more effective than you think.

Workflow management

Communication is key to building your business and keeping it running. But emails and texts can get lost in the flood of promos and personal communications.

If you have even one other person working for or with you, you should have a workflow management system to facilitate communication. I like Slack because you can set up both external and internal channels for communication, but there are several out there to explore.

Sorting systems

I know; at first glance, this one is a bit vague. But it applies to everything from clothes to physical desktops/workspaces to laptop or tablet desktops. There’s a reason that “a place for everything and everything in its place” remains a popular saying over time.

Clutter is a sure way to lose items. That partnership proposal could be buried under a pile of the kids’ school permission slips or lost in a sea of emails. Look at all the areas in your house you can be more organized. Then go shopping for the system that will help keep everything in its place.


Once again, the main goal of all these items is to keep you organized. And that is why I think they are essential items every entrepreneur needs to stay sane.

If you want to see how I can help you reach your business and fitness goals, contact me!


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