November 26, 2019

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend…Is This Still True for Women?

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend…Is This Still True for Women?

Diamonds: love them or hate them…and most of us love them…They are a little bit controversial, aren't they? Some people are concerned about whether they are ethical, and some people think they're just overpriced. " Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend "…? Yes or no?

diamonds are a girl's best friend

Today I am going to go over the pros and cons because I just recently learned a lot about diamonds. Some of it, I have to admit, maybe I would have rather not known!

So, as someone who does really like them and has one of her own, I'll try to be as unbiased as possible! Whether you're still thinking about your future wedding, or you're already married and just want to learn some interesting facts, here we go:

First, the "con" version…

Yes, " Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend " today, but have they always been?

The answer is no! It's super romantic to imagine that back in the Victorian days a lord would buy his lady a diamond ring as he proposed to her on the beautiful estate gardens….But actually, America's love of diamond rings is actually a pretty new concept!

About 80 years ago, the De Beers jewelry company, which also coincidentally happened to own a few too many diamond mines in South Africa …got a plan. They needed money and needed it fast, because this was during World War II.

War-torn Europe was not making them any money. So they turned to a whole new market of people: the U.S. The problem was that Americans thought diamonds were way too expensive and only for rich people. So, the De Beers company came up with the idea to launch a marketing campaign to target the average person.

They convinced middle-class people that they needed diamonds too, and even though they were expensive, it showed how strong their COMMITMENT was.

What do you think shows the strength and commitment of a marriage?

Of course, a lot of people agree with that, but they're also probably not aware of that the whole thing started out as a marketing ploy!

Now, the "pro" version:

Despite the rather "rocky" history, and perhaps because of it, you can't deny that diamonds are a very valuable asset.

And while none of us like where some of them come from, it's nice where they can end up: as a family heirloom, so that it's not only useful to you, but to future generations as well!

Besides, even cheaper alternatives to diamonds, such as moissanite, can be spotted as a fake, because diamonds give off a white sparkle, and moissanite gives off a rainbow sparkle. Also, moissanite can look very slightly yellowish or greenish in a certain light!


However, it's 100% grown in a lab, so you don't have to worry about labor conditions in mines. It's true, not all diamonds are unethical, but you definitely have to do your research first to prevent that from happening!

As you can see, there are upsides and downsides to our favorite gem. But overall, even though there are some wonderful alternatives to diamonds, for many women, diamonds are a girl's best friend! As with all things, every couple is different, and what you and your spouse decide will come down not only to budget, but to beliefs.

I'm really curious to get YOUR thoughts! Let me know in the comments: Do you have a diamond ring? What do you think?



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