Brandi Abroad – My Experience on my Own

On a day like any other, I saw a flyer announcing this year’s upcoming abroad programs and one of them so happened to be a three-month semester in England of all places, sponsored by the English Department. It was astounding that I even considered applying, and more so that I was accepted, along with fifteen […]

Hello, Readers! It’s me again!

Some of you might recall from my first post that I like to write, and want to be an author. Over the years, I’ve developed characters and stories set in other times and worlds separate from our own. Creating these characters, and navigating their adventures, helped through some troubling times when I was young. Back […]

Meet Brandi

  Hello, everyone. No, I am not the marvelous Michele Park but I am her daughter. My name is Brandi. I am 21 starting in April and I am majoring in Anthropology, which is the comparative study of humankind. For those of you who haven’t ever heard of Anthropology, it compares worldwide past and present […]