October 21, 2018

Benefits of Collagen: What is it, and How Do I Get It?

Benefits of Collagen: What is it, and How Do I Get It?

We’ve all seen it: that skin cream commercial with Cindy Lauper, or Cindy Crawford (for some reason it’s always a Cindy!) looking so young with such smooth skin…are these the benefits of collagen?

Because in these commercials, they ALWAYS mention it, don’t they? So collagen is something your skin needs, right?

Yes, but that’s FAR from all it does!

 First, a Definition

Collagen is a protein that makes up 80% of your skin, and as we age, the levels fall fast:

Our body naturally produces it, but production starts slowing down at about age 25. It slows down 1.5% per year, until at about age 40 we STOP making new collagen. (Side note: men’s skin is thicker than women’s and has more collagen, so even though men and women both start losing collagen at the same rate, men may look younger because of the thick skin. No fair! But at least now when you call your hubby “thick in the head” you’ll have scientific proof! Just kidding. 😉 )

When we start producing less, our body still has its original collagen…But the rates continue to drop and drop, causing wrinkles and also possibly causing other health issues, as we’ll cover later in this article!

So to look younger after 40 or especially look younger after 50, it’s VERY helpful to nourish our skin and internal organs with an outside source of collagen.

Benefits of Collagen: The Surprising Truth

Thing is…it not only supports your skin and keeps it stretchy and supple, but it also protects your BRAIN, HEART, and more. Wait, what??

That’s maybe not something you’ve heard before, right?

You may have thought it was just for skin, because if you don’t closely follow the health industry, you just hear about collagen injections, and collagen creams.

But what are the real benefits of collagen?

Mic drop moment, get ready…it forms 80% of your tendons, 30% of your bones, and up to 10% of your muscles! It also protects your brain against nasty amyloid-beta Alzheimer’s-causing amino acids.

And the biggest mic drop of all, collagen prevents and treats PLAQUE buildup in the arteries. And sends signals to your cells that prevent inflammation!

You’ve heard before that once plaque is in your arteries, it’s too late, it’s impossible to get rid of. But…not so! Collagen is the key, for real. But here’s the catch (that, don’t worry, actually isn’t much of a catch)…

Creams AREN’T Helpful. You Gotta Take Supplements!

To get these awesome benefits…you have to ingest collagen directly.

So, collagen supplements.

Rubbing a cream on your skin actually does nothing!

The problem with these creams is…your skin is naturally a very effective BARRIER, that doesn’t like to let anything in. Usually, this is a good thing, so icky stuff doesn’t get “under our skin.” But in the case of something like collagen, these protein molecules are relatively HUGE and our skin just can’t let them pass through the barrier.

Unfortunately, this means skin creams probably aren’t nearly as effective as they claim (sorry Cindy and Cindy!).

In order to actually get collagen benefits, you have to take it orally, but even then, there’s a catch!

It’s quickly broken down in your stomach, if you just swallow a typical collagen supplement pill. There are pills like Verisol that are a special type of PEPTIDE (basically, tiny protein) and absorb more easily into the body and into the skin as well.

Also, collagen powders that also include MCT oil (for example from the Perfect Keto brand) not only give you a burst of energy, but the MCT oil slooooows down the digestion of collagen, so your body has the chance to legitimately absorb it!

 So, as you can see, collagen is one of the most amazing, healthful building blocks of the human body that’s not talked about much outside of cosmetics. I certainly didn’t know all the benefits of collagen until recently…nor did I know that skin creams are ineffective!!

The road to health is paved with good intentions. (Lol!)

But also, good RESEARCH is important too!

I hope this article helps my ladies (and men!) feel good in their own skin. ♥



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