August 27, 2018

Behind the Scenes of PiYo Round 60!

Behind the Scenes of PiYo Round 60!

It was PiYo Live Round 60 filming this past week and we had so much fun! I don’t ever get nervous filming rounds anymore, but I do get a little anxious. Only anxious because I want everything to go well – you have to think about queuing and form and technique and remembering choreography. I worry about my cast too! Don’t get me wrong – they’re all awesome, but I just worry about my ability to guide them through the work out while we’re filming.

We always rehearse the night before but the cast is usually very dialed in before we even get to rehearsals. They’ve been practicing weeks prior to teaching that particular around in their class and we’ve got all the kinks out prior to coming to rehearsal. That’s honestly what makes it ALL run so smoothly.

The day of filming is pretty stress-free. We arrive about an hour and a half early for hair and an apparel check, and then…we film. We do start and stop between each section which gives us a chance to regroup and walk through anything if we need to. The actual class takes about two hours to film, but we also do bonus blocks of choreography for instructors and I create Pro Team content for our subscription members. Not a member? Learn how to become a part of Pro Team here…

I joke that my favorite part about filming is the drive home, but that’s only because filming is done and I know that we’ve created an amazing product that now goes into production to be put into the hands of our instructors.

We do have a couple of little rituals that we do when we film. Like going to the Whole Foods that’s right around the corner from our hotel so we always go there to get dinner and snacks when we need them and go back to the room. The cast and I usually have dinner and talk about the choreography, review the next day and just laugh and have fun. Also, this might be a little unconventional, but there might be a glass of red wine that accompanies that dinner.

Plus, if my call time is late, I’ll always get up and do an early morning workout. It’s just time for me to put my headphones on, move to the music that we’re going to use that day for filming and just decompress. Check out a few snippets from behind the scenes! There may or may not be a new move in here!


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