November 1, 2020

Back and Shoulder Workouts for Good Posture!

Back and Shoulder Workouts for Good Posture!

It’s a no-brainer that having good posture is important to living a healthy and pain-free life. Your posture affects so many aspects of your health and says a lot about the health of your joints and muscles. It directly affects how you look and feel. Having consistently poor posture can be dangerous and lead to muscle and ligament imbalances that cause problems like chronic neck and back pain, headaches, stiffness, muscle atrophy, digestion issues, and so many more painful ailments. To avoid the negative side effects of bad posture, check out these back and shoulder workouts for good posture!

back and shoulder workouts for good posture!

Most of these exercises can be done anywhere and with minimal equipment.

Doorway Stretch

All you need for this exercise is a doorway to stand in. Your ab and chest muscles are vital to good posture and often get tight if you sit a lot during the day. This doorway stretch will help loosen those muscles up so you can maintain good posture.

To begin, position your elbows and hands in line with the door frame. Your palms should be flat against the door frame and your forearms should be against the door frame as well. Step through the door frame slowly until you begin to feel a stretch. Hold this position for 15 to 20 seconds and return to the starting position. Repeat this three times to be effective.

Wall Slides

This exercise strengthens the low trapezius muscles and serratus anterior AS WELL AS opens up the shoulders and chest. To do this exercise you stand with your back to the wall with your upper back and buttocks in contact with the wall at all times. Walk your feet out about 12 inches from the wall. Next, bend your elbows 90 degrees and press them against the wall with your fingertips pointing upwards. Your forearms should be pressed against the wall as best as you can.

Now, slide your arms slowly towards your head and then back down again. As you bring your arms back down, pinch your shoulder blades together. This may feel uncomfortable at first so start with one set of ten repetitions. As you get more comfortable, build up to three repetitions.

back and shoulder workouts for good posture!

Band Pull Aparts

Strengthening the muscles in your back is a great way to improve posture and prevent injury. This exercise is perfect for strengthening the major muscles in your back. To begin this exercise, stand straight with good posture. Next, hold a resistance band out in front of you with both hands. Your elbows should be straight and locked. Keeping this position, slowly move your arms out and behind your body. You will feel the muscles between your shoulder blades squeezing.

Only go as far as is comfortable and work on not shrugging your shoulders towards your ears. A little discomfort is normal but a pain in your arms and neck is not. You should start with two rounds of ten repetitions and gradually increase to three rounds. If you do not feel challenged by repetition eight, you should increase your resistance band level.

Spine Foam Rolling

This exercise is great for those upper trapezius muscles that get tight from sitting in a hunched position for too long. To do this exercise, start by lying on your back with your hands behind your head. Next, place a foam roller behind your upper back and start rolling slowly up and down the foam roller. Only go as far down as your mid-back before you start rolling toward the top of your shoulders again.

Pause for fifteen to twenty seconds if you feel tightness in an area. Repeat this exercise in any areas that feel tight.

Good posture is vital to your overall health and longevity. Take control of your health with these back and shoulder workouts for good posture!


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