April 13, 2020

Baby Oil is SO Great for Your Hair!

Baby Oil is SO Great for Your Hair!

So whether you've still got little ones in your home, or they're all grown, or you don't have kids…Chances are you've looked at a bottle of baby oil at some point, and thought, "I wonder if I should be using this stuff!!"

baby oil

After all, don't you want your skin to be as soft as a baby's bottom? Or, what about your HAIR?

Yes, baby oil could also make your hair as soft as a baby's bottom!! And have a bunch of other hair health benefits, to boot.

But first, I do feel like I should say that baby oil ISN'T as natural as lots of people think it is. On the label, it usually says something like "all-natural," and that's of course the type of marketing they want to use so that we will feel like it's safe enough to put on our babies!

And, make no mistake, baby oil is perfectly safe for your baby. But it's not "natural" in the way you might think. It doesn't come pure from some plant. Instead, baby oil is man-made, and it's a mineral oil that is a byproduct of refined oil. (The same exact thing is true of petroleum jelly.) But then, it gets more and more refined and filtered to make it safe for human (especially baby) use.

Now that you know that, though, there's nothing dangerous about putting it on your skin, especially since it's hypoallergenic. It's also free of chemicals, dyes, phthalates, and parabens…

It's just not NATURAL in the same way that 100% coconut oil or aloe vera would be.

That said, baby oil is actually amazing for hair and scalp problems. It moisturizes the hair and scalp. How? Well, just like other moisturizing products, baby oil creates a barrier that traps in moisture underneath and prevents it from evaporating.

The company Johnson & Johnson says that their baby oil helps you retain up to 10 times the moisture! And I'm sure that's true for other companies too.

Plus, baby oil not only traps in moisture, but also prevents wind and sun from drying out your hair.

As you may already know, baby oil is used for scalp issues unique to babies, like cradle cap, which is a lot like dandruff.

But the treatment doesn't have to be unique to babies! It fixes the dryness and flakes that cause regular old adult dandruff, too. I'm really curious to know if applying baby oil helps anyone with their dandruff problem, since this stuff can make your hair more lustrous so it's better than dandruff shampoo.

Plus, baby oil protects your hair in a way that's useful for applying those before your shower and after your shower. You should apply it before a shower because it prevents so much moisture from getting into your hair. And you might think, "But Michelle, I want moisture to get into my hair!"

Not exactly.

The thing is, each of your hairs is filled with little tiny holes, and if water gets in these holes, it makes them bigger and damages your hair over time. So if you put baby oil in your hair before hopping in the shower, the little holes in each hair are Field in and protected from too much water. As for applying baby oil after your shower, do this if you intend to use any products like chemicals or devices on your hair. We all know that straightening and curling damages are hair but it just looks so good! Applying baby oil first gets the hair cuticle to close, which creates a shield that helps protect hair from the damaging effects.

So, a product that moisturizers, smooth, and strengthens our hair? Sounds like every commercial for every hair shampoo!

But the difference is, baby oil has scientifically back reasons why it works. I'm definitely going to try it now and I hope you guys do too. If you have any experience with it…let me know in the comments!



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