August 12, 2018

Are You Emotionally Eating?

Are You Emotionally Eating?

This is something I think that all of us have struggled with at one point or another in life.

But maybe you don’t even know that’s what you’re doing!

How do you know if you’re emotionally eating? Let me tell you what some of the signs are. Ask yourself some of these questions when you head for the kitchen without thinking about it.

Are you REALLY hungry?

Your body tells you that you’re really hungry when you have that empty, growling feeling in your stomach, and you haven’t had something to eat in a good while. If that’s NOT what’s happening, and you’re reaching for something to nosh on, it could be emotional.

Are you craving specific comfort foods?

When you’re physically hungry, almost anything sounds good, including healthy stuff like vegetables. But emotional hunger makes you want JUNK FOOD and things that are NOT good for you.

Are you mindlessly eating?

Before you know it, you’ve eaten a whole bag of chips or an entire pint of ice cream without really paying attention or fully enjoying it. When you’re eating in response to physical hunger, you’re usually more aware of what you’re eating and how much.

Are you satisfied when you’re “truly” full?

Are you often eating until you’re uncomfortably stuffed? The difference is that physical hunger doesn’t need to be stuffed. You feel satisfied when your stomach is full.

Do you feel regret, shame, and/or guilt after eating?

When you eat to satisfy physical hunger, you probably won’t feel guilty or ashamed because you’re giving your body what it needs. If you do have those feeling after you eat, it’s probably because you know deep down that you’re not eating for nutritional reasons.

So the biggest question is, HOW DO YOU OVERCOME THIS?

Being AWARE of the fact that you could be eating due to emotions instead of real hunger is the first step. Then every time you THINK you’re hungry, ask yourself, am I REALLY hungry? Or am I having any of the feelings that were mentioned above?

Next, try drinking an 8 oz. glass of water and wait 10 minutes. If you’re still truly hungry, then eat! And do your best to make the best choice with your food. If you’re on a mission with a specific goal, hopefully your house is fully stocked with food that WON’T derail your efforts! But, THAT is a different post!

If you think you need more help, there’s a new program that works specifically on mindset and food and helps you get control of your emotional eating. Want to learn more?

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