October 6, 2022

A Few Tips When It Comes To Setting Up Goals For YOUR Fitness Plan

A Few Tips When It Comes To Setting Up Goals For YOUR Fitness Plan

You’re on a path. You’re running, number pinned to your shirt. Other bodies are striding alongside you. You know the finish line is just ahead… at least it should be.

Can you imagine if someone moved the finish line while you were halfway through a race? No end in sight after already running until your bones ache and your breathing is heavy.

How would you know how much further to run? It would be very hard to keep going without any idea of what the goal is.

Having goals is like a runners line marker. It’s the ultimate push to cross that line. So, let’s take a look at how to set up goals to help you be successful in your fitness journey…

Your Workouts

It would be pretty silly to set a goal based on something you have no plans on working on. You can’t finish a book if you never pick it up.

So, when thinking of goals, consider…

➤ What do your fitness routines look like?

➤ OR what do you want them to look like?

➤ What is your current skill level?

➤ How much time do these workouts take?

➤ How do you want your fitness plan to evolve?

Asking yourself these questions will help you put the right kind of goals in place.

The Why

Say you were learning a new language — there would most likely be a why behind what’s motivating you to do it.

Maybe you’re going to France and want to learn how to order a coffee at a local shop. Or maybe you have a friend who speaks mostly Spanish and you want to be able to better communicate with them.

Same goes for setting goals in your fitness plan. What’s driving YOU.

It’s important that your “why” is not…

𝗫 Fear Based

𝗫 Outside Pressure

𝗫 Trying To Please Others

𝗫 Self-Judgment

Your “why” should be you wanting to…

✓ Better Yourself

✓ Have Fun

✓ Encourage Others

✓ Try Something New

You wouldn’t want a friend to do something because they feel pressure or fear… so don’t make yourself feel that way either!


Have you ever been trying to keep track of something in your head and you just… forget?

Don’t let brain fog get in the way of your goals! Write it down, use a smart watch, use your phone, make check marks on a whiteboard… anything to see your progression.

A few tips when it comes to tracking…

✓ Make sure it’s specific to different tasks

✓ Don’t make it overly complicated

✓ Have time frames in mind

✓ Jump right back in even if you miss a day

Seeing your progress can only make you feel good about what you are doing. Small setbacks will happen — don’t let that discourage you. Be proud of any upward movement you have made and know that you will only keep climbing.

Do’s and Don’ts

There are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to goal setting…

Do —

✓ Start easy and work your way up from there

✓ Start with one or two

✓ Make sure goals are realistic and attainable

✓ Celebrate your accomplishments

Don’t —

𝗫 Set yourself up for failure

𝗫 Set up too many goals

𝗫 Make all of your goals extremely difficult

𝗫 Be hard on yourself if you don’t reach a goal

Following these will help you be successful in your long-term fitness plans.


The best part about trying something is that other people are likely going to want to see you succeed. You don’t have to do everything on your own.

Get involved with a community that has similar goals to your own or hire a personal trainer to help you along the way. You have support! You just need to look for it in the right places.

Want to learn more about my fitness and business journey and how I can help you reach your goals? Contact me!


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