March 3, 2023

6 Tips That Can Help Any Fitness Instructor Become A Networking Pro

6 Tips That Can Help Any Fitness Instructor Become A Networking Pro

There’s a reason why a group of animals is more effective in a hunt than a lone wolf.

“Better Together” as they say.

Small business owners should always be striving to grow their pack…err…network.

Networking provides an opportunity to grow, share, and experience in a way that isn’t possible if you try to do everything on your own.

Volunteering and Community Events

Wouldn’t it feel great to help others while helping yourself?

Volunteering is a rewarding experience that helps you…

✓ Build work experience

✓ Gain brand awareness

✓ Connect with a variety of people

✓ Showcase what you have to offer

✓ Fuel your passion

Not to mention you are giving back to those who need it the most. It helps shape you into a more rounded and humble individual — which are good traits for any business owner to have.

Community Events are other great options for getting out there.

You can…

✓ Mingle and get to know new people

✓ Connect with people who have similar interests

✓ Get more involved with the city or town you live in

✓ Provide information about what you do

✓ Expand your inspiration zone

These events are good ice-breakers — particularly if you are on the shyer side. It helps you get out of your shell and get facts about your business out to the world.

Social Media and Word of Mouth

Everyone knows that Social Media can be a powerful tool — but it’s also a great (digital) way to network.

Social Networking

✓ Brings people together from all over

✓ Keeps people connected and informed

✓ Keeps things timely and uncomplicated

✓ Provides insights and statistics

✓ Builds customer loyalty

There’s really no other comparison to what social networking can do for people and their businesses.

But sometimes people lean toward a more human experience.

Good old-fashioned word of mouth is still very relevant today.

Did you know that…

I know about this…

I got connected with…

This business offers…

This brand has the best…

Simply getting people to talk about your business can help expand your network bubble.

Partnerships and Promotions

I lean on you/you lean on me can be a nice way to give and get support — and expand your inner circle.

Partnerships lead to more…

✓ Knowledge and ideas

✓ Opportunities

✓ Advice and tips

✓ Connections

✓ Sales and revenue

✓ Resources

And with a good partnership comes cross-promotions.

Help spread the word of your partnership and promote what they have to offer — and they can do the same. A win-win for expansion!

Get Mingling

It’s really important to establish, build, nurture, and maintain relationships that help your business succeed — not to mention help your sanity. It’s good to have people you can go to that understand the industry you're in.

Take advantage of opportunities that can help your network grow. Pop online, go to events, and host gatherings! It’s all worth it for you AND your business.

The connections you make today will lead to a better, brighter tomorrow.


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