March 11, 2022

5 Ways to Get More Instagram Likes (EASY)

5 Ways to Get More Instagram Likes (EASY)

Mastering social media is definitely something that people feel intimidated by when they begin their fitness influencer journey or an entrepreneurial career. However, it is so important to note how much social media can impact your business strategy. Instagram in particular is a really easy way to get your clientele to grow. Whether you want to expand your target market and include more people in your business practices, or if you just want to reach more people in your niche, Instagram is a really great way to network. Instagram can help you get new clients as well as network with other people that have a similar mission as yours.

If you are trying to run your business and use Instagram as a way to reach people and make money, you will need to work on getting ‘likes’ on your posts. It's not always easy to be one of those Instagram influencers who get thousands of likes on their posts. that takes time to acquire a following and to be able to reach that many people. However, along the way, there are ways to increase the amount of likes you get on your posts. Let's look at five things that you can do right now (easily) to get more likes on Instagram.

Create Engaging Content

The first step in making sure you are acquiring enough likes on your Instagram content is to make engaging content for your viewers. Engaging content, to me, is a post that directs your followers to a response of some sort. Asking them a question and leaving the comments open is a great way to engage your followers and what you are talking about.

Another great way to engage your followers is to do a contest on your Instagram. Contests are really great 4 getting likes and followers that will stick around. Once they know that you are offering something that they want and they engage with you to enter for whatever freebie you have to offer, they will most likely look out for future posts by you for other opportunities. Having free or discounted giveaways is a really beneficial plan for someone who wants to grow their following and increase their likes.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are such an important aspect of Instagram. Hashtags are what separate your posts from other generic content. Using hashtags that are relevant at the time and mean something to the content you are posting is important to get the message across to your followers that you are dedicated to reaching your target audience. People who are interested in those topics that you hashtag will search through those tags and find your posts. If you've created that engaging content we just talked about, they will most likely look at your post when searching through hashtag pages.

Look at What’s Trending

One of the easiest ways to find out what is trending is to use hashtags to your advantage. You can yourself look through #pages to find what is trending and what might benefit you on your page. However, hashtags are not always the only answer. They only tell you so much about what the person is posting. To get the whole picture, you actually need to look at what the content creator is trying to tell their audience. What are their strategies? How often do they post? What are they talking about and what is their tone? Are they engaging with other people? Are they talking about popular culture?

All of these questions are important for assessing the kind of content you want to reach your audience with. Finding out what the trending strategies take some time and effort, but you will find that it is actually fun and rewarding to pull ideas from all aspects of Instagram. That's what social media is after all!

Collaborate With Other Instagrammers

You don't necessarily have to know more popular Instagram influencers personally to be able to reach them. Draft a template of a message that you would like to use to reach out to Instagram accounts that influence you oh, no matter what size following they have. Send this out to some of your favorite Instagrammers asking if they would like to collaborate on a giveaway, contest, or even just a feature of one of your products (or theirs!).

Any type of collaboration will be beneficial for gaining likes and followers on your account because you will reach people that follow that influencer as well. Connecting yourself to somebody else in your Niche that may have even a slightly bigger following than you can help increase the number of likes you get on your Instagram posts. If their followers like their post, chances are, they will like yours too.

Ask Your Friends to Tag You

While you reach out to people on Instagram that you may not know, focus on asking your close friends and family to share and tag your Instagram account on their own. There will likely be some people who will be attracted to your content and they will maybe even share and post to their followers and friends too, expanding the circle. This is a great way to grow your followers organically and spread the word about a new business endeavor. It may sound a bit pushy at first, but trust me, people love finding new accounts full of engaging and creative content that will benefit them in the end! They want your content!

Figuring out what works best for your specific goals as an entrepreneur on Instagram will definitely take some time. You will have to figure out some of the strategies you will use to really engage your followers for optimal results. Don't be shameful in asking for people to share or promote you. Leaving a quick little review about your work can be so helpful in showing other potential clients or followers that you are trusted and liked. It will also help grow your likes on Instagram which will help you monetize your social media presence in no time!

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