October 13, 2022

5 Steps To Close A Sale Like A Boss

5 Steps To Close A Sale Like A Boss

Are you ready to get in your brand new car!?

When thinking of sales, you might jump to the thought of some cheesy salesman trying to smooth talk his way into someone purchasing a car that’s waaaay over budget.

But here’s the thing — it’s not all like that. People need things that other people have. If you have something to offer that can benefit someone else, don’t be afraid to step up and offer it to them.

Maybe just drop the checkered tie and clipboard…

Know Your Stuff

You’ve got to be ready to show you know what’s what.

The biggest turn off when trying to purchase something would be asking a question and the seller not having an answer.

You should know…

Details about the company or seller

All about the product or service

The why to it’s value

Why it's the best option

The benefits AND the drawbacks

Cost Comparisons

If you have rapid fire answers to these questions, clients will trust that you take things seriously. Plus — you’ll be setting yourself up for success in knowing that what you’re offering is truly worth selling.

Problems And Solutions

I’ve got 99 problems… and a way to fix them!

I want you to think about WHY you are trying to make a sale. Money is an objective, but it shouldn’t be the whole reason.

You should want to provide a solution to a problem.

Don’t try to sell to someone if your product or service doesn’t match what they’re looking for — you’ll only create more problems for you and the client.

Instead, find the people you can actually help and then break it down…

Understand their needs

Target their pain points

Introduce a solution

Provide details

Seal the deal

Don’t be that sales person… you know, the one everyone avoids like the jelly filled donuts in the break room at work.

Be human. Be real.

Provide Answers

Have you ever been trying to explain something to a child and they keep coming back with “but why?”

Be fully prepared for the “but why?” question (or something similar) to come when selling a product or service.

Don’t ever assume that people will just “go with the flow”, especially when making a larger purchase. Try to prep ahead of time so you aren’t stumbling for answers.

Remember to be…







The best thing you can do is to put yourself in their shoes. People want to make sure they’re fully informed and know that they’re making the right decision.

Help them be comfortable by providing them with solid answers.

Have A Game Plan

Be ready for your grand finale.

Here are some closing techniques to consider ⬇

➤ Summary Close

➤ Question Close

➤ Assumptive Close

➤ Testimonial Close

➤ Soft Close

➤ Hard Close

➤ Now or Never Close

Learn a little about the people you're working with to know which direction to go with the closing technique.

Again, be real about it. Drop the sales voice and speak to them like you were talking to a friend. Use techniques, but don’t be pushy. No one wants that.

Simply Ask

Last, but certainly not least — don’t forget to ask for the sale.

Think of it this way, you have extra tomatoes in your garden. Your neighbor loves tomatoes. But how would they know that you want to give them tomatoes if you don’t ask?

Be confident and put the next steps in your clients hands.

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