November 22, 2021

3 fail-proof ways to schedule your workouts–no skipping allowed!

3 fail-proof ways to schedule your workouts–no skipping allowed!

One of the most helpful tips I’ve discovered along my fitness journey is to schedule my workouts. As a busy woman, my life comes with unexpected twists and turns, so I can't always stick to my schedule. However, finding what works for my lifestyle has been a gift because I can now use different techniques throughout my week to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. You might be wondering what type of magic I’ve got up my sleeve, but you’ll be happy to know that you can adopt these habits into your routine to create a workout schedule that fits into your hectic life. Let’s see how!

Develop a Routine

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The first thing someone will usually tell you when developing a workout schedule is that you'll need to be consistent. This means choosing certain intervals to do your exercises every day or every few days. You should target a time of the day that works each day. For example, maybe you’ll exercise first thing in the morning before you shower and head off to work. Maybe instead, you prefer working out in the evening before you settle in for the night. Whatever your preference is, get into the groove of doing your workouts at the same time every day. Establishing this routine will ensure that you stick to your plan and reach your goals.

You can also use fitness apps to make it easier for yourself to plan out your workouts. Most applications allow you to view examples of workouts and sometimes even track your own progress. There are numerous apps that enable you to set up your own schedule and be reminded each day to complete your workouts. This can be super beneficial, especially if you’re always on the run! You’ll get the notification that it’s time to do your workout and you’ll be right on schedule.

Fit Your Workouts Into Your Daily Tasks

You don't always have to set aside a specific amount of time in the beginning or the end of your day to complete your workout. Sometimes it just doesn't work out and your schedule is too busy. On days like this, take the stairs on your way out of the office to fit in some extra steps. If you have a meeting on the phone, try standing up during your phone call instead of sitting. Small adjustments to your daily lifestyle like this can ensure that you are still fitting your workout into your day. If you can take a walk on your lunch break, bonus points! There are so many ways to fit some extra movement into your day with your family or within your work day.

Do Workouts You Love

You probably won't have much luck scheduling workouts and sticking to a routine if you're not looking forward to the workouts that you're going to be doing. You have to do workout exercises that make you feel excited and optimistic about taking care of your body. Once you find a form of fitness that makes you feel energized and confident, you will find that you look forward to your daily routine of working out. There truly is no better way to take care of yourself than to do things that make you happy, so please focus on finding workouts that get you there!

Doing workouts that you love, working out without even realizing it, and developing a healthy routine for yourself are all of the key elements to scheduling your routine for working out and following through with it. Scheduling your workouts can be so beneficial to your daily mindset especially when you look forward to doing the workouts. Focus on the idea that you are doing this for yourself and that your body will benefit greatly as well as your mind! If you want help getting started on your perfect fitness journey, CLICK HERE to see my classes!


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