January 10, 2018

2018 is YOUR YEAR!

2018 is YOUR YEAR!

What do we call doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?

Happy 2018, my friends. Yes, we’ve reached that time of year again where we ALL have goals we’d like to crush and resolutions we’d like to stick to, right? Let me ask you the question – how many years have passed by that you said you were going to fit into that dress, or lose those last 10 pounds? How many Januaries have you been through that this entire month you’re an angel, but come February or March you’re back to your old ways and even sometimes in a worse position than you were before?

If you answered yes to those questions, I can tell you why. Change can be hard. But let me tell you that there is a way that you can be successful, have long-lasting results, and stop the madness of using short term solutions and being guilty of insanity year after year. Let me share with you what the secret sauce is to STOP struggling year after year with your health and fitness and your weight loss.

  1. NUTRITION. Weight loss just doesn’t happen from exercising alone. You can be working out two hours a day, but if what you choose to fill your body with is processed, high sugar, unhealthy food, you’ll get little to no results. Those results are made IN THE KITCHEN!
  2. EXERCISE. In addition to getting your diet in order, having an exercise routine that suits your fitness level, something that you enjoy, and fits into your schedule is really important. It will make you stronger, increase your muscle mass and help you burn more calories at rest, and improve your heart health.
  3. SUPPLEMENTATION. Anytime you change your diet, and/or decrease calories, you’re likely to have gaps in nutrition. On top of that, even the quality of HEALTHY food, your fruits and veggies, has diminished due to the lack of nutrients in today’s soil. Supplementing properly to fill those gaps is ESSENTIAL to your success.
  4. COMMUNITY. Why is community so important when it comes to your success? Doing ANYTHING alone is just no fun at all! And when you’re on a mission with people with similar goals, there’s a little bit of friendly competition goin’ on. In addition to that, you have people to share your struggles AND successes with!
  5. ACCOUNTABILITY. Having a community is a big part of this, but also having a COACH to hold you accountable = telling you what to do, when to do it, and HOW to do it, PLUS checking in with you to make sure you’re actually DOING ALL THAT is a HUGE part of this puzzle.

I’ve helped THOUSANDS of women get results that last using nutrition methods that are for LONG TERM success. When you combine these key elements to your plan, you get RESULTS.

In my virtual health and wellness group, Studio Michele, we help you in ALL these areas. If you’d like to learn more about ending the madness this year, comment on this blog post, and I’ll be in touch!




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