December 16, 2018

Can You Work Out with Eyelash Extensions? It’s “No Sweat”!

Can You Work Out with Eyelash Extensions? It’s “No Sweat”!

Thinking about getting lash extensions? Being the active woman that you are, you’ve probably wondered whether you can WORK OUT with eyelash extensions.

When you think about workout difficulties for WOMEN, you probably think about how we have less muscle mass, or something.

But there’s another challenge for some women who work out: some of us have long manicured nails…some of us have the issue of what to do with our hair while working out, especially if your hairstyle upkeep costs $$…and EYELASH EXTENSIONS!

Men just have no idea. 😉 (Well, there are a few men who do know about these things!)

But I was just thinking…

How can women go to the gym, without undoing the time and money that they’ve invested in themselves in a DIFFERENT way?

After all, making beauty purchases, and going to the gym, are both ways that many women contribute to their looks.

But do these two things ever CONFLICT with each other?

Can you work out with eyelash extensions??

First of all, disclaimer: if you are NOT the type of woman who is interested in makeup or nails and that kind of thing…I think that’s great too!

My goal here is just to investigate, how hardy are eyelash extensions?? Can they endure a really sweaty workout?

First of all, keep in mind that not all beauty studios are created equal…so YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR when it comes to eyelash extensions.

Make sure you go to a place where they apply each lash individually, NEVER sets!! And look up Yelp reviews ahead of time.

Last but not least, you can ask the beautician about whether their treatment was designed with sweat in mind!! These treatments also tend to be longer-lasting — like a month instead of 2 weeks.

Now that you’ve got some good extensions, let me tell you how they should hold up in the gym.

There are a lot of tests and blogs from women who answer the question, can you work out with eyelash extensions? (Most of them did indoor exercise classes like Zumba or PiYo.) These women said they DID wait the recommended 24 hours before getting their lashes wet (with showering or sweat). And I also made sure that their reviews were not paid for by any company. 😉

Every woman reported on their blog that, if you shell out for more expensive lashes and PROTECT them properly, you have nothing to worry about!

Here are the steps you can take to protect those lashes:

  • Purchase a “coating” or “sealant” to, well, SEAL the lashes from sweat.  This is 100% safe and usually costs less than $10. Apply it a few times a week and you’re good to go. (It’s a light and clear liquid, too.)
  • If you’re exercising outside, wear sunglasses or use a facial mist/spray.
  • In addition to sunglasses, wear a SWEATBAND, ladies! Plus, sweat in your eyes is no fun anyway…
  • For post-workout showers, avoid getting water splashed directly on your face. This is something the beautician would likely tell you anyway, that you should wash your face gently and carefully with a face towel.

So, please, work out with eyelash extensions. There is nothing stopping you.

Although, if you love lashes without wanting extensions…I think this cute mug is a great way to “have” lashes without actually having lashes. LOL!




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