The Difference Between Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates offer a lot of health benefits to their practitioners. Aside from providing a unique way to relieve one’s stress, it also gives people a way to develop their flexibility, endurance, and strength. But with all the benefits that both have, how do you choose between them? Here are some differences between Yoga and Pilates

What I Want My Daughter To Know About Entrepreneurship

When I got my first job as a fitness instructor at the tender age of 17 I knew I had found my calling. I loved it! My passion for fitness and my desire to help others sparked something in me that I knew I wanted to pursue. It has led me down an exciting, challenging, and rewarding path of entrepreneurship that I would not have found working in a traditional 9-5 job. As a mom, I pray for my daughters to find the same spark and purpose in their lives that I have been blessed with. If they do decide to follow in my footsteps, there are some things I want my daughters to know about entrepreneurship.

Should You Work Out TWICE a Day?

Exercise is always a good thing, right? And so it’s probably crossed your mind before that you could work out twice a day…But is that really healthy?

Doing HIIT with Weights (Is It Too Crazy for the Average Person)?

So you’re always hearing about new challenging workouts that promise to burn fat better. My recommendation? Doing HIIT WITH weights! Now, my feeling has always been that cardio and weights are BOTH great in their own way. Especially when you consider that cardio often involves shifting and lifting your own weight… And that the vice-versa […]