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I’m not what some might call naturally thin. I’m a work in progress. I watch what I eat and workout but I have learned that you need balance. Life is meant to be lived!

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I am so grateful for Michele Park she has really helped me with my weight loss journey.

She has guided me and supported me 1000%. I have lost over 120 lbs, and I do have to thank Michele for it. I remember walking into PiYo class and Michele being the instructor. I had no idea what I was getting my self into. At one point of the class Michele made eye contact with me and at me. It was at the point, I knew I was in good hands.. she understood me! I came back to her class, I also joined some of the nutrition challenge groups she runs.

They were the icing on the cake for me…talk about accountability and support. Thank you Michele you are awesome 😘


To say my life changed after meeting Michele Park about a year ago would be a huge understatement.

I’ve been welcomed into several of her Challenge Groups and have learned so much about fitness, nutrition, and most importantly myself. I have been in several Challenge Groups over the years, but none of them like Michele’s groups. She puts everything she has into them. She does research before she ever even starts a group. She gives you all the tools you need to be successful and helps you to truly understand why you are doing what you are doing and how you need both nutrition and exercise for a healthier/happier life. She guides you every step of the way, including being there for you to lean on the difficult days. Not only do you get her support, expertise, accountability, and kindness, you get that from every single person in the group. Michele and her Challenge Groups are truly a community that comes together and provides encouragement, support, tips, and the knowledge that what you are going through you are not going through alone. The positivity that comes from these groups is just overwhelming. They say you are surrounded by what you put out and Michele’s knowledge, energy, compassion, creativity, and desire to help you be successful in reaching your goals are what you get from her each day in her groups. You will be a better version of yourself after just one Challenge Group with her. I will sign up for every one she offers, every chance I get!

Dawn Cool

Being a part of a challenge group with her is a mixed bag of motivation.I have been a part of 5 challenges with her, and in each one I grow in nutrition and exercise knowledge. COMMUNITY is born in Michele͛s groups. She invites like-minded people who are ready to get fit. Being a part of a community was key to my success. She addresses challenges women face including but not exclusive to facing and understanding women͛s aging process. There is an empowerment in sharing and celebrating success and challenges. While in a challenge we are supposed to work out every day. To keep things fresh, Michele posts EXTRA WORKOUT VIDEOS! It͛s so cool to get a notification that she posted something, and when you open it you find a little mid-day work out challenge.

I was once on a pretty strenuous hike and she challenged us to Tabatas. I was with my husband and we did them. Man, did that spark a fire in us because since then we incorporate a wee bit of an additional challenge.Michele also provides recipes and food prep ideas. When you͛re new to this lifestyle it͛s so important to have someone help you to navigate. In the beginning there seems to be so much information that it can be a little overwhelming. She recognizes this and keeps most recipes simple and absolutely doable. It inspires us to all post our food prep, and meal ideas. I can͛t say how important that is! It allowed me to step outside my͚ salad͛ thought process and to embrace that there is a whole rainbow of food out there for me to fuel my body! To say that Michele gives her ALL to her challenge groups is an understatement. Being a part of her challenges is cool because they are inclusive, supportive, and honest. Michele had a way of asking questions that drew out some of the darkness that was keeping me stuck. Questions that I was so afraid of facing, yet so happy to face and release. This is just as key to my success as the physical element is. If you say I can’t, she says You CAN! Michele gets in the car with you, points you in the positive directions for workouts and nutrition, but she expects you to drive to your own destination.

– Cathy

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