Making Health & Fitness fun and accessible for everyBODY!


Making Health & Fitness fun and accessible for everyBODY!


Making Health & Fitness fun and accessible for everyBODY!

Meet Michele


Michele Park has been a mentor in the health and fitness industry for over 35 years. She has owned her own personal training company, worked with large fitness corporations on program development, trained and mentored thousands of fitness professionals worldwide, developed a VIRTUAL teaching course and owns The SOUL Fitness Brands—an instructor training and education company. The SOUL brands consist of 4 unique formats: SOULfusion, SOULstrength, BARREfusion, and SOULkickboxing. Michele and her team strive to create easy-to-learn, easy-to-teach, fun-to-take and teach programming for group fitness instructors. Michele creates a class experience that allows movement and music to come together, bringing magic to the room. She stays true to the saying, “People follow passion, not perfection,” and works with fitness instructors to help them reach their full potential. Michele has been teaching virtually for over 8 years and loves bringing the in-person experience to the at-home participants! On a personal level, Michele lives in Southern California with her husband, two adult daughters and two goldendoodles (Jax and Delilah) She loves to create and serve, but is also a huge fan of sitting on the couch smothered by goldendoodleness, watching a great documentary with a glass of champagne. It’s called balance. 

Instructor Training

The SOUL Fitness Brands were created by INSTRUCTORS for INSTRUCTORS. Everything you need as an Instructor! Content (choreography, training videos, digital course, in-person and virtual trainings ), class formating, apparel, music, educational resources, and more!

*SOUL Brand trainings are for current fitness instructors or individuals who want to learn how to be group fitness instructors. Previous experience teaching group fitness or training in group fitness is not mandatory.

Recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Athletics and Fitness Association of America, and the American Council on Exercise as an Approved Continuing Education Provider.



Working with Beachbody LIVE as a MASTER TRAINER for PiYo and the PiYo Live Program Director allowed Michele to do what she loves to do… INSPIRE , MENTOR & CREATE. Her creative style and unique ability to delivery valuable education to group fitness instructors in a fun, non intimidating environment has made her instructor development program “The Project” highly sought after by fitness professionals. Michele has been teaching virtually for over 7 years and loves bringing the IN person experience to the at home participants!

PARK Studios


Experience Group Fitness like never before from the comfort of your home! Grab your mat, your towel and a water bottle and join me and a few of my favorite instructors as we guide you through Group Fitness from the comfort and privacy of your own home.


SOULstrength combines rhythmic resistance, cardio conditioning, manageable mobility, & core strength exercises.


SOULfusion™ trains strength, balance, and flexibility, and is driven by music, movement, and motivation.


BARREfusion™ is a low-impact, total body workout inspired by ballet.


SOULkickboxing™ is a creative fusion of kickboxing combinations, dance & kickboxing inspired cardio, balance and conditioning sequences, strength training exercises and our signature FIGHTER FLOW.


The SOUL formats are my absolute favorite to teach! I look forward to the new material we get with every Collection. It’s all wrapped up for the instructors with a pretty bow on top!! Music, choreography, notes, teaching tips & a master class for each new release! Not to mention our amazing community .. It is truly second to none. It’s a warm, welcoming, diverse group of instructors. My participants are in love with these workouts. The material is easy for them to follow and also allows opportunities for modifications & options for those of varying fitness levels. SOULfusion & BARREfusion are my favorite music driven, high energy, rhythmic formats to teach!


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These INSTRUCTOR tips will take you from good to great! Written by instructor mentor and fitness program creator Michele Park.
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The SOUL Brands provide all of the tools fitness instructors need so they can concentrate on providing their students with an amazing in-class or virtual experience. We do that by creating EASY to learn, EASY to teach, FUN to take, safe & effective group fitness formatting.Our goal is to create a one-stop shop for fitness instructors for all of their teaching needs.

SOULfusion™ is a creative blend of yoga-inspired flows, short cardio bursts, balance sequences, bodyweight and weighted strength training exercises all set to crazy fun music. In SOULfusion™, we train strength, balance, and flexibility which can help improve overall fitness levels. Driven by music, movement, and motivation, SOULfusion™ is all of your favorite workouts wrapped into ONE! Yoga sculpt meets functionally FUN training.

SOULstrength™ is a total body workout utilizing rhythmic resistance, cardio conditioning, mobility training and core strength exercises to train the whole body. In this format, we utilize different movement tempos and combinations to add variety and fun to weight lifting as well as interval training for the cardio bursts. We also offer two options for Instructors: our Classic collections (50 minutes) and our Gritty collections (30 minutes). SOULstrength is strength training to the beat of the MUSIC!

BARREfusion™ is a low-impact total body workout inspired by ballet. We offer a unique approach to barre training with cardio bursts and our signature fuses. This fusion format offers all the benefits of rhythmic movement, high repetition strength work, and athletic dance moves in an easy to learn, easy to teach, fun to take barre training. BARREfusion™ improves overall fitness levels while bringing out your inner ballerina! BARRE for ANYBODY!

SOULkickboxing™ is a creative fusion of kickboxing combinations, dance-inspired cardio, balance and conditioning sequences, strength training exercises, and our signature FIGHTER FLOW all set to crazy fun, inspiring music! In SOULkb, we want you to find your FOCUS, FIGHT, and FLOW! Bring out the inner BADASSERY!

SOULfusion October 2020
SOULstrength March 2021
BARREfusion October 2021
SOULkickboxing August 2023

  • When you sign up to teach our formats, you receive one-full year of content. All of your class videos, instructor videos, choreography, and music are included in your annual fee. *(with the exception of SOULkickboxing, which is all original music with the ability to adjust the BPM’s.)
  • We offer quarterly educational workshops for our instructors to upskill that are virtual and easy to attend.
  • We create content for our formats by listening to feedback from our community & what instructors NEED.
  • Collections and off-month sections can be mixed to create a mash-up style class within all of our brands.
  • All of our formats are set to the beat of the music. SOULfusion utilizes one 32 count squared song per section of choreography whereas SOULstrength and BARREfusion utilize a continuous 32 count squared playlist.
  • We also have guides on how to offer 30 minute, 45 minute, and 50 minute classes with our formats.
  • ZERO licensing fees

SOULfusion: Michele Park
SOULstrength: Jacqueline Tuffs
BARREfusion: Magda Lubov & Sara Vandenberg
SOULkickboxing: Lindsey Coleman

  1. Complete our Digital go-your-own pace course, accessible wherever you have an internet connection.
  2. Complete a Virtual training with a SOUL Master Trainer.
  3. Complete an in-person training with a SOUL Master Trainer.


Info on all of the above can be found at
What is included in my training?

Annual Sign Up:

Instructor Course includes:

  • Full format training, accreditation (CECs/CEUs), Collection 1 (first full class)
  • Certificate and access to promotional materials
  • One full YEAR of content including:
    • Quarterly Collections (50-55 minute classes)
    • Class videos
    • Preview videos
    • Choreography notes
    • Class music (*exception SKB)
    • Virtual music (SOULfusion)
    • Off-month choreography sections that can be mixed and matched into Collections
    • Quarterly education workshops (CECs)
    • Continued instructor support
    • Industry Discounts

Yes, we offer a discount on your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th formats.

We have two options available:

  • Annual: The initial training fee is $349 and covers your course and 1st full year of content. The 2nd year moving forward is $200 per year.

We never want you to go but if you need to cancel, YES 

  • Host club training rate
  • Ongoing training
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Customizable promotional material
  • Designated customer support

You can take as much time as you’d like to go through the online course.

You have unlimited access to the online training courses as long as you are a SOUL instructor in good standing.

You will receive access to the SOUL material as soon as you finish the course.

No, the formats are copyrighted and require specific training.

Yes we do. We offer quarterly training for each format. Our trainings are virtual and easy to attend.

Our quarterly collection workshops are usually three hours with a Master Class, special focus topic,
and accredited.

Yes we do. The SOUL fitness brands prides themselves on providing instructors not only the quarterly collection workshops but with monthly education on industry relevant topics.

YES! We have quite a few PROMO videos and would LOVE to feature YOU! The logos will be available to all SOUL Instructors to use.

ANYWHERE… we have zero licensing fees.

Absolutely! Please check with your country’s guidelines.

No. The SOUL brands are specialty trainings and will train you specifically on how to teach our formats. We do HIGHLY recommend you have or obtain a primary group fitness certification/training to be more knowledgeable as a fitness instructor.

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