Fitness? I’m all about it. I’ve been a fitness instructor for YEARS, but you may know me from more recent things like being a cast member “The Modifier” in Chalene Johnson’s PiYo. I’m also the PiYo Live Format Expert and Master Trainer, so if you’re a PiYo Instructor, you’ll see me on your instructional videos if you’re with us on ProTeam!

Not only is fitness my “job”, but being healthy and fit is something I work on regularly. I struggled with my weight as a girl, so I’m no stranger to how tough it can be to feel comfortable in your own skin. It’s a struggle for ALL of us!

Right now, my FAVORITE workouts are PiYo (duh), anything lifting, running, and getting on my Peloton. Having a well-rounded fitness routine is essential in life, but most importantly, you have to enjoy it! If you don’t somewhat enjoy what you’re doing for exercise, chances are, you won’t come back very often to do it.

Can I recommend trying PiYo? It’s functional fitness that your body CRAVES.

It is NOT Pilates.

It is NOT yoga.

It’s a workout program to help you develop strength and endurance.

It’s a program that delivers cardiovascular benefits.

It’s a program that increases flexibility, ALL while strengthening and lengthening your muscles.

It’s SERIOUSLY the MISSING piece in your health and fitness puzzle. You need this in your life!

To find a PiYo class near you, check out this link! 

If you prefer to workout at home, make sure to tell me about yourself below!