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The Cold Hard Science of Why You Should “Think Positive”!
April 26, 2019 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

We're always told to "think positive," to the point it sounds like just another cliche. But please, for your own sake, DON'T ignore that advice!! It turns out, not...

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Instructor Tip of the Week – Types of Classes
May 17, 2018 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

Let's talk different types of fitness classes - and I don't mean types like Zumba or PiYo, P90X, Turbo Kick. I mean freestyle and pre-designed - the two types...

By: Michele Park / instructors tips / #instructor tip
Instructor Tip of the Week – First Impressions
May 11, 2018 /2 Comments/0 Likes/More

All right - today I want to talk to you about first impressions. Now, first impressions are key in a lot of things, but as a fitness instructor, they're...

By: Michele Park / instructors tips / #instructor tip